Improving success by developing a Values Based Performance Culture
A Portakabin case study

Page 1: Introduction

Portakabin Group is a business to business company. It provides modular buildings to meet clients’ needs. Modular building involves putting complete buildings together from factory built modules. These modules are made off site, then transported and put together where they are needed. This is quicker and cheaper than traditional building methods. It is also more flexible. For instance, it...
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Page 2: Portakabin Group Values

Values show what a business stands for and help to guide the way it behaves. They are central to a business and reflect its culture. The values of the Portakabin Group were defined following Director and Senior Management discussions and values champion’s workshops in 2011. This allowed a wide variety of its employees from across the organisation to give their input. This was vital as...
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Page 3: Embedding the values

Portakabin Group embedded the Values within its performance management process (Values Based Performance Culture), and rolled this out through a series of workshops for all employees. The workshops explained how the values were defined, and how they could be demonstrated.They also outlined the key features of the new performance management process: Personal objectives being linked to Company...
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Page 4: Learning and Development Strategy

Portakabin Group can see in a number of ways how its values have helped in the success of the business. Its clear focus is on performance and service to the client through behaviours that are consistent with its Values. Within this it is important to help employees develop their potential. Its approach to Learning and Development is delivered through a number of key principles: Welcoming...
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Page 5: Corporate Social Responsibility

The values driven culture has a wider effect on how Portakabin Group operates. It forms the keystone of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach. CSR is about businesses having a positive effect on their stakeholders. These include owners, employees and customers, the communities in which the business works and the wider environment. Portakabin Group is serious about safeguarding its...
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Page 6: Conclusion

Portakabin Group is an innovative and forward thinking company. It is one that puts its customers first and at the heart of its business. Portakabin Group wants to remain an ‘employer of choice’ for people with talent and ability. It is clearly succeeding through its values led culture, its focus on customer service and its engagement with its employees. Regular reviews and surveys...
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