Improving success by developing a Values Based Performance Culture
A Portakabin case study

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Page 4: Learning and Development Strategy

Portakabin 19 4Portakabin Group can see in a number of ways how its values have helped in the success of the business. Its clear focus is on performance and service to the client through behaviours that are consistent with its Values. Within this it is important to help employees develop their potential.

Its approach to Learning and Development is delivered through a number of key principles:

  • Welcoming, supporting and developing all new employees to enable them to achieve their full potential
  • Ensuring that learning and development is linked into improving organisational performance to enable the Company to achieve its strategic objectives
  • Working in partnership with all areas of the business to identify, develop and evaluate appropriate learning and development interventions
  • Aligning Learning and Development activity with strategy to drive the desired Company values, behaviours and competencies
  • Assessing and identifying individual development needs and formulating clear plans to maximise performance in current and future roles
  • Being prepared for change and ensuring all employees are equipped to perform their role effectively and safely

Portakabin Group has invested in a whole range of training courses and e-learning programmes, from gaining new knowledge and skills through to managerial and leadership development activities and courses. Portakabin Group asks employees to give feedback on the courses they have attended.This can then be fed in to the system to make improvements.

Excellent feedback has been received from courses already delivered such as Coaching, and Inspiring and Managing Performance. However, Portakabin Group recognises that there are always new areas for development, so continues to develop new modules for the future.

These new modules, will be built into the existing matrix of courses and will provide employees with the skills, knowledge and ability to manage future challenges.

Portakabin Group conducts regular employee surveys with sections on how the Values are being lived, on leadership and management and employee development as well as asking employees about their experience of working for the Group.

In November 2013, 76% of questions were answered positively, a 7% improvement in Employee Engagement. Specifically 88.1% of employees said that they were proud to work for Portakabin, with improvements in how the Values were being lived from 2011. This was a superb result showing that the positive values culture is working.

This work is continuing through management development, including learning and development courses and individual coaching, the development of a recognition strategy and linking Values Based Performance Culture to finding and developing new talent.

Portakabin | Improving success by developing a Values Based Performance Culture