Improving success by developing a Values Based Performance Culture
A Portakabin case study

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Page 2: Portakabin Group Values

Portakabin 19 2Values show what a business stands for and help to guide the way it behaves. They are central to a business and reflect its culture. The values of the Portakabin Group were defined following Director and Senior Management discussions and values champion’s workshops in 2011. This allowed a wide variety of its employees from across the organisation to give their input. This was vital as these were the people that would be living these values. Portakabin knew that having input from its own people would underpin the success of the values; involving employees in such decisions helps to motivate them.

Portakabin Group Values are:

  • Teamwork – Working together to succeed
  • Integrity – Keeping our promises
  • Commitment – Putting our hearts and minds into everything we do
  • Innovation – Creative in our approach

Each Value is underpinned by four behavioural indicators, which help employees to focus on how they can live the Values. Examples of values in action include the Portakabin Group commitment to delivering on time (‘keeping our promises’) and to new designs and processes such as its Yorkon building system and Konstructa products (‘being creative in our approach’). The Yorkon building system was used to build an entire primary school in Leeds, with the customer commenting that:

“The new school is just fantastic. The modular approach allowed us to achieve a tight deadline for the start of the new academic year when we had to provide additional reception places.”

Portakabin | Improving success by developing a Values Based Performance Culture