Providing consumers with ethically sourced garments
A Primark case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Primark is an exciting, growing brand that provides consumers with value-for-money fashion items. The company has an effective supply chain, bringing together manufacturing units in China, India, Turkey, Bangladesh and other countries, with retail outlets in Ireland, the UK and other parts of Europe.

A key principle of Primark”s business practice is to make sure that it provides its consumers with value-for-money garments, whilst maintaining ethical manufacturing standards. This involves paying for independent audits of all its factories and working with suppliers to address issues in a sustainable manner.

By working with external agencies such as the International Labour Organization, the ETI and independent auditors, Primark helps to set and maintain standards. Its auditors work with suppliers over a period of time to help them meet the exacting standards set out by the Ethical Trading Initiative. This enables the supplier to become approved. Primark sees this as a programme of continuous improvement.

By making its Ethical Trade processes transparent, Primark aims to demonstrate its commitment to responsible manufacturing. This helps to assure its customers that the goods they are purchasing are not only fashionable and good value-for-money, but also that they are ethically produced by workers who are fairly treated.

Primark | Providing consumers with ethically sourced garments