Motivating through Total Reward
A Royal Bank of Scotland case study

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Page 5: Work-Life Balance

To attract and retain the highest qualified and motivated employees, RBS enables its employees to develop a work-life balance between work and non-work commitments.

Flexible working

RBS gives all employees the 'right to work flexibly'. This can be through a range of flexible working practices covering job sharing, part-time working, home working, variable working hours, compressed hours and term-time working. These are adapted to suit the local needs of each RBS centre. The policies and procedures for applying are easily available on the RBS website. RBS provides a free advice service called 'HelpDirect'. Employees can call for advice on making the most of their time at and away from work. It also offers counselling on a range of life issues.

RBS and 'Your time'

RBS recognises that in some circumstances, people may need time off from work for reasons other than sickness. Some people have special family commitments or commitments in their local community. In 2004, the RBS ´Your time´? programmes won the HR Excellence Award for 'The Most Effective Use of Flexibility in the Workplace´?.

The benefits of flexible working practices

The policies of RBS in relation to work-life balance help to create a working atmosphere that relieves stress. They also help to create greater equality of opportunity for everyone. For example, this flexibility enables employees to choose working patterns that fit with their childcare arrangements or their personal lives.

Following these flexible practices allows RBS to attract more talented people. Theoretical work on motivation by Elton Mayo in the 1920s showed that contented people, who are satisfied with their working environment, were likely to be more productive. The distractions of home or community pressures can be handled far more comfortably with the support of an employer such as RBS. In return, RBS gains staff loyalty and commitment, which in turn drives higher performance.

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