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A Safeway case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Safeway 3 Image 7From the initial recognition of its shortcomings in the market place through to the full implementation of its new strategy, Safeway shows how a large food retailing business can fundamentally change the way it works and re-invent its brand offer, experience intensive and disruptive reorganisation and simultaneously improve its sales and profit performance. But its competitors have not been standing still and the battle to attract and retain customers has become even more intense. Safeway 2000 was a major restructuring and repositioning of the brand to prepare the business for the next century but delivering the longer-term benefits will require further, continuous improvement. Clarifying and communicating the company’s goals and strategy was the critical first step in the process of change, but implementation is where success or failure is achieved. By focusing most of its current effort on delivering the customer offer, Safeway recognises that the ultimate arbiters of its success are the millions of customers who visit its stores everyday.

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