Managing workforce requirements
A ScottishPower case study

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Page 5: Developing people

Training enables workers to acquire, refresh and enhance the skills needed to contribute to a company's objectives.

Development of people takes a different approach. It is concerned with the needs of individuals and their motivation in the workplace. Personal development supports personal growth. It enables employees to progress on to higher level roles.

Development may arise from specific training and from gaining responsibility, e.g. through secondment. It may also arise from encouragement from a mentor or through coaching from a more experienced employee.

Employee Case Study

Alison is currently employed at ScottishPower as an Apprentice. She is due to complete her apprenticeship and will become an Electrical Jointer. During school Alison had a real desire to 'work with her hands' and was encouraged to study engineering qualifications at college.

Alison says “ After I finished school and gained my GCSEs, I went to a local college to study engineering and after completing my year”s study I was successful in gaining a place on the ScottishPower Engineering Foundation Programme. I gained loads more qualifications and completed additional training. I was then successful in gaining a place on the Apprenticeship Programme which I am about to complete.

'The main reason for choosing ScottishPower is that it is recognised as a great employer which has designed a number of training programmes allowing me the opportunity to develop new skills. They also provide development opportunities and recently I have become a STEM Ambassador for ScottishPower and I am now going back to my old school encouraging students to consider a career in our sector.”

Alison's development programme at ScottishPower shows how she has been able to progress personally and professionally. By giving her new skills and experience, Alison has become a more productive and better trained employee for ScottishPower.

ScottishPower is pleased to support her development because it knows that she will be not only more skilled in her job, but also more motivated and committed to the business. In addition, ScottishPower has gained a role model for young people to aspire to.

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