Creating a high performance culture
A Siemens case study

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Page 3: The importance of people in the organisation

The part of the Siemens' business strategy that relates to people management is referred to as People Excellence. At the heart of People Excellence is the building of a high performance culture. Nothing helps an individual more than to be given responsibility and to know they are trusted.

how to get comitment

Almost without exception, people management theorists have shown that real motivation comes from within an individual. Individuals develop such motivation when they feel that their efforts are valued and that they are doing something worthwhile. This is why People Excellence at Siemens is so important.

Feeling part of a successful team is part of the engagement process. Individuals who feel valued want to contribute to the success of the organisation.

For Siemens, people, like its technology and innovation, are a source of competitive advantage. To make the most of this advantage, Siemens makes sure that its employees work on developing the company's heritage of innovation.

Siemens believes that there are many ways to make people feel valued and engaged. These range from a pat on the back, a personal letter or a special mention in a meeting, to a promotion or a higher salary.

Siemens | Creating a high performance culture