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Page 4: Professional roles

In recruiting staff, Specsavers puts together a person specification. This sets out the skills required and the behaviours expected of various post holders. Job applicants can see what is expected of them in a specific role. 

It also enables Specsavers to match candidates to the relevant qualifications and entry requirements for each job, as well as identifying their potential for career development.

Professional roles

An Optometrist at Specsavers has to work with the whole Store team to deliver the highest standards of clinical and customer service. This enables Specsavers to meet patient needs as well as achieve business objectives. As in any role, Specsavers professional staff have targets and standards they need to meet.

For Optometrists, these include meeting targets for numbers of eye tests carried out and sales of glasses resulting from these tests. Duties of an Optometrist include:

  • conducting full eye examinations
  • communicating results to customers in clear, understandable language
  • providing dispensing advice and ensuring patients understand the recommendations made
  • maintaining customer records
  • maintaining cleanliness of test rooms and equipment.

As well as Optometrists, there are other professional staff in each store. Dispensing Opticians deliver spectacle dispensing services following the eye examination. They will provide guidance on frame selection and lens choice, carrying out appropriate measurements where necessary. Some Dispensing Opticians undertake additional qualifications to become Contact Lens Specialists. They can then advise on, fit and dispense contact lenses to customers who wish to have an alternative to glasses.

Nearly all Specsavers stores have an in-store Lab for making up glasses to customers' prescriptions. Lab Assistants support the day-to-day running of the Lab and make up the glasses to the highest possible standards. Lab Managers are responsible for the efficient running of the Lab, ensuring that all glasses are made on time and to the correct standard.

Specsavers also provides solutions to hearing problems. Many of its stores also now have professional staff on site who are trained to carry out hearing tests and recommend hearing aids if necessary.

People development

Specsavers has a big commitment to developing its people. Gurvinder, who has worked as an Optometrist for a number of years, says: 'This is where the size of our company is a big plus. The training we have access to is brilliant. If you have ambitions to run your own practice, Specsavers offers a development programme that will teach you the ins and outs of how to run a successful store from managing staff to understanding accounts.'

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