Developing an effective organisational structure
A Syngenta case study

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Page 5: HR strategy

Syngenta is a forward-looking company. It wants its people and leaders to be:

  • passionate about achieving the company's goals
  • focused on essential areas such as developing new products to deadlines
  • developing new skills and expertise to ensure the highest standards are maintained
  • recognised and celebrated for their achievements
  • creative and innovative in how they work.

Syngenta's HR team provides training and development opportunities for all staff. For example, it supported Melanie Wardle on a number of training courses, including a CIM Diploma in marketing. It also helped Jonathan and his family move to France.

Kathryn Brocklehurst says: 'Syngenta has been fantastic in supporting my personal development and in giving me whatever technical training I needed.'

Balancing risk and reward is an important aspect of Syngenta's management approach. It is committed to research and development to keep ahead of the competition. It is not afraid of mistakes but expects employees and managers to learn from them and use them to motivate people.

The company presents annual awards to employees whose achievements have helped drive the business forwards. These awards are publicised through the company's magazines and intranet, so everyone inside the company can see how achievement is rewarded. These awards have inspired further innovations and helped employees focus on generating new ideas to help the company perform even better.


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