Tarmac's functions - working together towards its mission statement
A Tarmac case study

Page 4: Strategy, Marketing and Technical


In business terms, strategy is a relatively new concept. Strategy, strategic development and strategic management are key roles in their own right. Additionally, various managers and levels of management are involved in many different ways.

The management team undertakes a review with the aim to improve returns on investment and to identify parts of the company not performing as well as others.


Tarmac's marketing team is involved in four key activities to help it achieve its mission statement:

  • gaining insight into markets and customers' needs
  • applying this knowledge to inform strategy development and marketing plans, and identify new product ideas and services
  • managing the Tarmac brand image and external communications through a broad range of communication channels including public relations, advertising, website development, e-marketing, brochures and exhibitions
  • leading internal communications through the company magazine, newsletters, intranet and conferences.


Through its technical team, Tarmac constantly looks for new and innovative solutions, for example FoamMaster. This combines proven foamed bitumen technology with cold mix production and paving. The result is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to hot asphalt materials.

Tarmac | Tarmac's functions - working together towards its mission statement



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