Involving employees in meeting corporate objectives
A Taylor Woodrow case study

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Page 3: Taylor Woodrow´s workforce

One common misconception is that housebuilders only employ people like bricklayers and labourers. Taylor Woodrow does employ these skilled tradesmen, some of whom are sub-contracted: brought in from other firms as and when required. However, Taylor Woodrow's core employees also include:

  • Quantity Surveyors and Commercial Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • Project, Estate and Land Managers
  • Architects and Interior Design specialists
  • Civil Engineers.

The usual promotion route is for specialists in these areas to become managers. Today, the company is looking at taking on more generalists such as business graduates who can then train to become managers.

In addition, Taylor Woodrow employs central services staff including Human Resource specialists and people working in Finance, IT, Sales & Marketing.

Taylor Woodrow | Involving employees in meeting corporate objectives