Delivering a superior customer experience
A TNT case study

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Page 3: The customer experience at TNT

Tnt 17 Image 3TNT’s market is highly competitive. In TNT’s market there are at least 13 direct competitors. TNT’s Customer Promise is designed to deliver a competitive advantage, something that competitors will find hard to copy. As well as providing a ‘superior customer experience’, the Promise:

  • supports TNT’s market-leading position
  • helps to retain existing customers and attract new ones
  • motivates staff by demonstrating their valuable input
  • provides a means of differentiating the business.

In order to achieve differentiation, TNT has embedded the company’s values - ‘to be a trustworthy, values-based company with a reputation for integrity, transparency and compliance’ - into its Customer Promise. TNT claims: ‘Actions speak louder than words and that when we say “Sure we can”, we mean it’. This ‘can-do’ attitude and positive mindset affect all aspects of TNT’s business.

Demonstrating the Promise

Tnt 17 Diagram 3The Customer Promise highlights the expertise and positive mindset behind TNT’s strapline ‘Sure we can’. It shows that TNT listens to customers and can add value. For example, TNT promises a ‘friendly voice at the end of the phone’. To ensure this, TNT’s own knowledgeable people deal directly with customers. Its promise ‘to resolve problems promptly’ is demonstrated by how it intercepts and repackages damaged parcels to avoid goods being damaged and customers disappointed.

Employees are instructed to be honest with customers – even if there is a problem. This fulfils its promise ‘not to over-promise’. TNT aims for its drivers ‘to do you proud’ by training them so there is the same focus on quality customer service throughout the whole process. Its promise ‘to look after you’ is demonstrated in a variety of ways: by offering a range of delivery options such as door-to-door delivery as well as online booking which allows customers themselves to reschedule deliveries where necessary to make things easier. Its promise ‘to keep our promise’ is upheld by the fact that the standards are set at the top by the managing director and communicated throughout TNT so everyone is working to the same values.

Other examples of practical changes to improve the customer experience include an online ordering service for customer stationery and an online invoicing option for those customers who want it. TNT monitors and reviews regularly all activities relating to the customer experience, both internally and externally, to ensure it remains fresh for both customers and employees.

TNT | Delivering a superior customer experience