Developing responsiveness through organisational structure
A UNISON case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

UNISON, as the UK’s largest public service union, has a responsibility to support its members in the face of current challenges. These include massive cuts to public services. This means supporting not just members, but also their families and all those who rely on public services.

To meet these aims, UNISON has a clear structure. Within this, there are defined roles and responsibilities at each level. As a person rises through the structure, they are expected to take on more responsibilities. They will also have more authority – the right to make decisions. There is also a clear career path from one level to the next so that organisers can rise through the organisation.

Unison 17 Image 11UNISON makes a valuable contribution and difference to the lives of working people, often at the most difficult times of their professional lives.

'I find it rewarding to work for an organisation whose aims I share and for whom I am prepared to go the extra mile.'

UNISON is keen to provide a good working environment, but also to face the challenge of supporting members. Its Investors in People Award shows its commitment to quality.

UNISON | Developing responsiveness through organisational structure