Negotiation and representation at work
A UNISON case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

Public Sector employers like North Yorkshire County Council are facing a skills gap resulting from the retirement of older workers. To fill this gap, UNISON is supporting the development of apprenticeship schemes for young people. These provide a working base for them to acquire new skills and qualifications.

UNISON aims to ensure apprentices are protected from being used as cheap labour. It also aims to give young people a secure footing on the career ladder. UNISON is the main union representing employees in local government and other occupations. It is influencing employers to develop relevant apprenticeship schemes.

By sharing knowledge and actively working with employers at a policy level, its activities support young workers and play a lead role in making sure that the apprenticeship scheme meets the needs both of young people and of employers.


UNISON | Negotiation and representation at work