Using promotion to campaign for public services
A UNISON case study

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Page 6: Conclusion

A promotional campaign needs to meet its objectives. UNISON does not sell a product or a service. Instead it uses promotional campaigns that aim to influence different groups of people. The campaigns use different activities to communicate with not just those working in the public sector, but also the public.

bharti-patelThe response to the Million Voices campaign has been very positive. The hope is that the campaign will encourage those who make decisions in national and local government to think of real alternatives to cuts. The television recruitment advert attracted 4,000 additional members to join UNISON during the three weeks that it ran.

The union has been able to develop an email list of some 20,000 ‘digital campaigners’ who have signed up to receive updates and now regularly respond to emails asking them to take a simple action, such as email their MP on an issue. This is a new communication channel including both members of UNISON and non-members who support the campaign.

As the campaign progresses, UNISON will learn lessons on which methods of promotion have been more effective. These help UNISON to make future decisions on how to support its members and the public.

UNISON | Using promotion to campaign for public services