Using promotion to campaign for public services
A UNISON case study

Page 1: Introduction

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One of the key areas of the marketing mix is promotion. Promotion is the process of communicating with an organisation’s audiences. It involves sending a message which is received by others. Sending the right message through appropriate media is very important. This is because as individuals receive messages, they are making judgements. Effective communications are therefore those that...
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Page 2: Objectives of promotion

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Promotion can be used for a number of reasons. For example, promotional activity can increase sales, raise awareness or concerns about particular issues, develop a brand image or alter public opinion. As an organisation representing more than a million people, UNISON uses promotion to raise public awareness of issues and attract people to its membership. SMART objectives Every promotional...
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Page 3: Promotion

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The word ‘promotion’ conjures up images of advertisements through which organisations try to persuade consumers to buy goods and services. However, promotion is not simply about advertising. The promotional mix has a range of different communication tools. For instance, firms may use sales promotions, sponsorship, direct marketing and public relations within the mix. Each of these...
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Page 4: Above-the-line promotion

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Above-the-line promotion uses mass media such as the press, radio, television, cinema or poster sites. This type of promotion is usually paid-for. Each of the possible media methods can be used to target audiences in different market segments. There are both strengths and drawbacks to these forms of media: UNISON embarked on a wave of television, internet and newspaper adverts for the Million...
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Page 5: Below-the-line promotion

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Below-the-line promotion involves promotional techniques which aim to reach consumers more directly and which are more within the organisation’s control.  Below-the-line promotions include different and interesting ways of connecting with targeted groups. UNISON used a variety of different below-the-line promotions to develop its Million Voices campaign. Public relations  PR...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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A promotional campaign needs to meet its objectives. UNISON does not sell a product or a service. Instead it uses promotional campaigns that aim to influence different groups of people. The campaigns use different activities to communicate with not just those working in the public sector, but also the public. The response to the Million Voices campaign has been very positive. The hope is that...
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