Operations management: the Wincanton way
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Page 3: Human resources and finance

Human Resources

Whilst developing a new warehousing facility Wincanton will also be working on the workforce plan. This sets out the firm's future human resource requirements and develops appropriate strategies for meeting those needs. Wincanton may have sole responsibility for this task or may develop it with the client.

The workforce plan will include:

  • an outline of the jobs required at the facility, including the terms and conditions involved e.g. the method of payment, holiday entitlement, period of notice, sickness pay, and dismissal and grievance procedures
  • proposals for attracting applicants e.g. where to advertise the vacant positions (which will depend on the nature of a particular job) and co-operation with local job offices
  • the range of methods of selection to be used for each job category
  • a programme of training, including induction training when employees first join the business e.g. an introduction to the organisation, the facility, Health & Safety, the job and their colleagues. Wincanton is committed to training. In 2004 the company provided more than 30,000 hours of training for its employees.


Wincanton's financial team is responsible for negotiating the contract with the client. This involves agreeing the terms and conditions under which the facility will be developed.

It will include many aspects of financial planning such as:

  • estimates of the capital expenditure involved, such as the building costs
  • the expected breakeven point
  • the likely return on the investment.

The financial team will be dealing in large sums of money and significant levels of investment: a purpose-built automated warehouse is likely to cost between £20 million and £40 million. The customer usually finances this although, if required, Wincanton can help with finding sources of funding.

Wincanton's effective operations management team and good workforce planning usually mean that a project such as this can be completed within a few months.

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