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1 digital identity group ripoff report removal service

Digital identity group is arguably the number one firm for Ripoff Report removal. They put into service a unique legal compliance process that comes to have the content removed from search results and not just to cover it. The cost for the method of removal is primarily determined by the number of reviews one has and the nature of each analysis in the Ripoff Report.

What is the Cost of Digital Identity Group Ripoff Report Service?

Ripoff report has afflicted several companies over the years. Firstly, let’s do the brand damage assessment: what is contained in the report, how convincing is it, what is the target market and what can be discouraged by it, in your brand search what position does it occupy among others.

Having time to think about the problem specifics rather than the problem’s solution goes a long way to help one feel better and to understand the techniques to be applied. For instance, if the Ripoff Report is of no noticeable damage because it features on a page that’s above 10 of google search, then one is bound to ignore the report. But if your content is strategically featured on the first three pages of google search, then paying for the removal does not only make sense but increases your brand reputation too.

How Digital Identity Group Ripoff Report Removal Service do it:

First step – size up the problem. The inputs for calculation

1. Digital identity group ran a test using Google Analytics, Adwords keywords data tools or any other analytic web application tools or software to identify the brand phrase that prominently shows up and also get an estimate of people who search for this brand phrase on monthly basis. Assuming that all are new businesses and none are returning customers, and for easier understanding, you could also consider a 50:50 split, let’s assign this number as B.

2. Estimated visits for every position. Well, a brand phrase that appears in position one regularly gets about 98%, but to bend things to gain you and make the investment, we assume that the click-through rates from non-brand SERP (Search Engine Results Page) apply.

  • Position 1 – circa.38%
  • Position 2 – c16%
  • Position 3- 8%
  • Position 4 – 4%
  • Position 5 – 2%
  • Position 6 – 1% 0.5%

Let’s assign this assumption to P.


3. Proceeding on to a trust ratio for the Ripoff Report. As we don’t know, let’s estimate that half (50%) of the users consider this tripe. And call this group T. Therefore, to get the size up the problem =B*P*T.


For this reason, of 5,000 potential consumers who search for the affected brand phrases every month and the Ripoff Report rating in position seven with 1% of which 50% is 5000*1%*0.5=25 visits. Begging the question, how meaningful is this in commercial terms?

Second step: The cost of lost sales or doing nothing.

Taking into consideration, the number of visits affected and multiplying this by your visitors to sales conversion rate (let’s give it letter R). Assuming that 10% will enquire and half of these will become clients. Besides, what’s the standard lifetime benefit of every average customer (henceforth referred to as V) and also assuming in our case that V = $


Hence the cost of lost business will be equal to 25 visits*10%*0.5*$1000=$1250

NB considering that we used monthly search values, annual cost value for the lost business would be 12 times the monthly loss, ($1250*12=$15,000)

Fill your numbers in to get an idea of the monthly cost of doing nothing to your business. What you get is the estimated amount that you can spend on addressing the issue


that this effort will not automatically create new brand opportunities, therefore don’t spend more than this if not needful.

Third Step- pushing the Ripoff Report off first page or Entire Removal.

Going for Digital Identity Group Ripoff Report Removal Service to do a complete removal is probably the superior option to fix the problem if it costs you more than $10,000 per year. If the Ripoff Report costs you upwards of over $25,000 per year in lost sales or business opportunities, then it’s of an utmost need to seek our services as soon as possible.

If the reviews are costing you less than 10,000 per year, then you should mark yourself safe for the time being. And other options can be considered. One cost-effective way is to outrank it for brand phrases using relevant and active profiles in the social media or other credible review sites. If your business is customer focused, then there is need to push this sod of a page with a review site such Trustpilot. Nevertheless, what you should do is to ensure that you have provided relevant an appropriate articles on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, A Quora thread, the odd news articles, etc.

Despite the cost of reviews, there are also other factors to consider that are far much less tangible. The reviews may be detrimental to you in many ways that you may not be aware of, such as lost business opportunities or essential damaging relationships. Many people are affected by Ripoff Report personally can adversely useful their other family members whether or not they are named in the report. It would be wise to consider all of these factors when battling these reviews.

Sometimes going for the premium option for a complete removal using a firm like the highly recommended Digital Identity Group Ripoff Report Removal Services cost you much less in the long run. Learn more about Ripoff Report removal at

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