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Learn about several interesting uses of lanyards

These days, so many of us have bits and pieces of equipment we need to keep on us for constant use and we often need to use them fast. The solution is the lanyard. It’s so versatile and more and more of us are using them instead of rummaging around for what we need in a pocket or purse.

ID Holder

Well, it’s not such new use of lanyards, and probably the most usual reason why people opt for lanyards in the first place. People use them to ensure they don’t lose their identification cards but to also have them within easy reach. You can even use them for photo IDs and for that, you can easily find a good lanyard supplier online such as Digital ID.

Key Holders

Do you always forget where you put your keys and end up searching for them everywhere? You can resolve this issue once and for all using a lanyard. You can use the same one you use for your ID at school or work. You just need a small attachment to clip your keys onto the lanyard with ease. This way, you will literally be wearing your keys and never have to worry about losing them again.

Pen Holders

Just like keys, it is easy to misplace your pen.  Again, resolve this issue by wearing your pen on your lanyard.  If you’re thinking it won’t work because you will have to take off your lanyard to use the pen, you’re wrong. You just need to buy an attachment – usually called a badge reel – then you can use the pen without removing the lanyard. You can also use these attachments with proximity cards that have to be scanned before gaining access to restricted areas.


USB pens can hold important information. Things could get awkward if yours gets lost. Just like your ID, keys and pen there are lanyard attachments for USB pens. It keeps them handy ready to use and throughout the day, you will know where it is.

Phone Holder

Many people have successfully used a lanyard as a phone holder and you can do the same if you want to keep your phone handy. In this case, you will have to invest in a cell phone attachment that has a loop. The other end of the attachment will clip onto your lanyard for ease of use.


When you run a business and are always on the lookout for great giveaways, you may want to consider putting your money on digital ID lanyards. These are customizable, so you can write anything you want or share your logo to advertise your business. You can order thicker lanyards if you want to use them specifically for marketing and advertising purposes. You can give these away during special events such as conventions, trade shows, and conferences.


Lanyards are amazingly useful. They let people go hands-free, and also come in an infinite number of colours and designs and for some people have become a bit of a statement piece, like the cover on your mobile phone. Who would have thought you could get so much from something so useful even though it is essentially not much more than a piece of fancy string?

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