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3 Online tools that could improve work and learning productivity

There are a lot of changes happening lately, because of what the world is facing right now. Well, as you know, the world is in the middle of a pandemic. Due to the virus outbreak of COVID-19, a lot of countries are now affected and on quarantine. Not only that, but there are also guidelines like social distancing which need to be followed every time.

Because of the pandemic, a lot of people are required to stay indoors. Aside from that, the world health organization also discourages everyone from having mass gatherings. There are a lot of people affected by these guidelines.

So in line with that, most of them started working home. Even students are encouraged to take online classes that are issued by their respective schools. Well, thankfully, nowadays, technology played a significant role in our lives. So here are some essential online tools you could use for work and educational matters.

PDFBear Online Tool

When it comes to online classes, well, one of the materials used for education often comes in PDFs or Portable document format. Well, with the help of PDFbear you can merge PDF with your other files that could help with your online classes.

Using PDFbear is the most convenient and quickest way of combining multiple PDF files. You don’t want to have your files saved on different hard drives. So with a little help of PDFbear, you can merge all your PDF files into a single file. No need to worry about the reliability of the site, because PDFbear values their customers and respect one’s privacy.

Some of you might wonder where you could use PDFbear. Well, not everyone has a computer in taking online classes for those who only have phones as their tool for education, no need to worry because you can access PDFbear on any smartphones as well. 


Since you’ll be taking online classes in the middle of the pandemic, you will need every essential tool you can get from the internet. One of them is Grammarly. You should expect that when taking classes online, well, for sure, there will be a lot of writing exercises. When it comes to writing, you will need proper grammar for that.

With the help of Grammarly, you can create sentences and paragraphs in excellent grammar. Well, not only that, because the sole purpose of having Grammarly as one of your online educational tools is for you to learn the density of your sentences. It also offers accurate spelling corrections, thesaurus, and word counts.

Google Sheets and Google Docs

Both Google Sheets and Google Docs are essential when you’re working at home. These tools could help you in your learnings as well if you’re taking online classes. For Google Docs, you can always make a resume or write an essay. Now for Google Sheets, it’s pretty similar to Microsoft Excel, where you can manage and organize information.

No need to worry about using these features. Because Google, as what we all know, is one of the most excellent browsers people often use. So using these tools is pretty safe and convenient. All you need to do is have a valid Google email account, and you’re good to go.


PDFbear, Grammarly, Google Sheets, and Google Docs are just four of the many online tools you can use to help you out on your work or online classes. Well, there are no limitations to using the internet.

You can always find what you wanted or even what you need to help you out in the middle of this pandemic. Be sure to check out the tools mentioned above. As long as you have the right devices, these tools could be a great help.

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