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3 ways brands can differentiate themselves from competiton

What makes a consumer choose one business over another? There are many answers to this question and it depends on the products on offer, the price, and what exactly the brand stands for in the mind of the consumer. But let’s say that all these are pretty equal in their eyes, what could be the defining factor that has a consumer choosing you over your competitor?

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New Customer Offers

Offering something special for new customers could definitely be a way of swaying over a consumer and could capture their attention well. Indeed, telecoms companies are famous for offering something to new customers to entice them away from their current providers. The online casino industry also utilises this technique. As we can see through https://www.casinowings.com/best-payout-casino/, each online casino option listed has a different kind of welcome bonus. For those who want to shop around before committing to a site they can become loyal to, outlining these welcome bonuses could be the difference between someone choosing a site or their rival. While the game options are one factor, when there is a lot of choice, something such as the welcome bonus – whether it be free spins, cashback, or no deposit play – could sway the player’s decision.

Added Value

Another way in which brands can ensnare customers who might have been flirting with their competitors is through offering something of added value, as outlined by https://www.verticalresponse.com/blog/5-ways-to-create-added-value-for-customers/. This could be as simple as free shipping from an e-commerce site or 10% off all purchases. Offering something for a lower price if something else is purchased first can also convince customers that they might be getting something extra alongside something they wanted to buy anyway. The trick is to find potential customers who are shopping around for a discount and to show them that you can provide them this discount as well as something else on top.

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Influencer Endorsement

Another popular method, though one in which needs to be used effectively, is influencer endorsements. Perhaps customers have a choice between three similar brands and one of their trusted YouTube channels gives positive reviews for one. This word-of-mouth recommendation from someone trusted and established in the industry could be the difference between a sale or not. It’s not just general influencers who have some credibility, but those who have niche followings and who can be a voice of expertise in their individual field. Even a few thousand followers in a specific niche could be effective, depending on the brand you own and the products you are selling. This micro influencer trend is gaining popularity as people are turning off the traditional influencers according to https://www.clickz.com/the-rise-of-micro-influencers-and-how-brands-use-them/216503/.

There are many ways savvy marketeers can encourage customers to use them and not their competitors. This includes offering something for new customers only, offering something that is considered to be of added value, or by linking up with someone trustworthy who can provide a word of mouth recommendation. Using these methods could be effective and inexpensive and could help to build brand loyalty afterwards.

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