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3 ways you can better motivate your employees

If your employees aren’t working in a highly productive fashion, the quality of your business’s products will take a hit, and fewer deadlines will be met across the board. How do you engage your workforce in order to ensure that they face their daily tasks with the refreshed enthusiasm that you need from them? You go above and beyond to motivate them, of course.

When you face the task of better motivating your employees, be sure to put the three pieces of the advice laid out below into practice.

Dangle a carrot in front of their nose

A tried and tested technique when it comes to the bettering of employee motivation is to dangle a carrot in front of their nose. By giving them something to work towards or, more to the point, worker harder to attain, their work rate will be sure to rise, and their productivity will be at an all-time high.

‘Carrots’ can come in all shapes and sizes in this instance. You could look into Wembley Hospitality packages and book them a staff night out if they hit enough deadlines, you could offer promotions to the staff members that close the most deals, or you could offer paid time off for those of your workforce that work particularly hard. No matter what you do, whether it’s hospitality at Wembley, a promotion, or time off, by giving your employees something to work harder for, better work will be produced across the board.

Provide them with more flexibility

Like the rest of the human race, your employees never want to feel like they are being controlled. They’re not school children, so they do not want nor expect to be kept in line, either. You need to adhere to this desire for more freedom on your workforce’s part, as not doing so will only ever result in your employees losing their motivation to work for you.

In this instance, it’s imperative that you provide your employees with more flexibility during their working hours. Whether this means offering them more work-from-home opportunities or whether this means embracing a flexi-time working schedule, make sure that your employees are not being made to feel like you are controlling them.

Gamify your tasks as and when you can

Gamification is the act of turning tasks, both of the everyday and all-important varieties, into games. By adopting this approach within your workplace by challenging your staff members to see who can close the most deals before the working day is over, the competitive spirit will kick in around the office. As a result, more and better work will be produced.

To see how gamification could benefit you in your bid to improve productivity throughout your workplace, make sure to check out the variety of research online.

Without a workforce that actually wants to work for you, the work your business produces will not be up to scratch. It is incredibly important, then, that you put all of the above advice into practice and get started right away on motivating your employees.

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