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How to Motivate a Large Workforce in 2021

Managing a large team of staff and individuals who all have different needs and play different roles in a company can be a real challenge and hard to manage correctly. Any top business owner who wants to run a successful business should focus on keeping their workforce’s spirits up and making sure they all manage to stay motivated and determined at work. A demotivated workforce will rapidly create a negative workplace environment and cause a business’s productivity to decline greatly. Members of staff in a large company must feel as though they are rewarded accordingly and fairly when they perform well , and that their contribution is recognised and appreciated by purchasing staff reward gifts when they hit their targets is another great way to increase productivity in the workplace.

We have come up with a brief guide to how a business can keep a large workforce well motivated.  

Demonstrate It Values Its Members of Staff at All Levels of the Business 

It’s important for staff morale that when curating a strong team spirit in a large company that members of staff at all different levels of the company feel valued. Not to mention that their role represents an important part of the business, and that the company respects their contribution and effort at work. To create a positive business workplace culture in a large company, everyone from the Director and CEO to the office staff and the warehouse workers should continually be made to feel motivated and have their spirits kept up high.  

Those working in the warehouse, for example, need to have all the proper gear and equipment to do their job as they play a vital role in supplies and keeping the wheels of the business turning. Businesses can supply warehouse workers with high quality protective work clothes to carry out their jobs in a safe manner and items such as hard hats, hi-vis jackets, steel capped boots, and work trousers. To find  trousers which are suitable for a warehouse, take a look at Snickers Direct quality work trousers on their workwear website online.  

Come Up with Creative and Original Ideas for Rewards and Incentives for the Workforce  

A great way to incentivise your workforce as a large company is by providing them with sought-after rewards. These rewards may include extra days off work and holidays to recognise their outstanding performance and dedication to the company, monetary performance rewards including bonuses and paying staff extra. However, you can also keep staff motivated in much simpler ways such as putting practices in place to make sure they receive praise verbally in work from other members of staff, as well as through emails and posts on online social media channels ran by the company’s management and social media team. Staff who feel like they never receive any form of praise for their work from their employers may start to feel greatly underappreciated, isolated, and disillusioned from the company’s management. An unhappy worker is usually an underproductive one and having members of staff who aren’t very productive and active is bad news for a business which wants to grow.  

If a business wants to come up with creative ideas for reward schemes unique to their company, the management team can choose to hold a meeting with the Human Resources department to discuss incentive strategies and effective ways they can try and reward staff for their workplace efforts and dedication. Workplace incentives should work like the carrot and stick approach whereby workers should feel sufficiently motivated to strive to work hard so that later on they can benefit from enjoying valuable and meaningful work rewards from the company.  

One bright idea could be to reward the loyalty of staff members who have spent many years being committed and working hard for the company. For example, introducing a policy of giving a staff member a 2-week long holiday when they have been working for the company for a period of 10 years is an example of providing an incentive at work and rewarding staff loyalty.  

Companies Should Give Staff Members a Sufficient Number of Breaks and Holidays 

Working staff into the ground and not giving them enough holidays can have a severely negative impact on staff morale and their levels of motivation at work. Staff who work tirelessly around the clock everyday may start to become demotivated and underproductive. Staff therefore need an hour-long lunch break and the opportunity to destress their mind and take a brief break during the working day.                                       

Every now and then, workers in a large company will feel as if they need a hard-earned break from work and may want to go on holiday. Within reason and provided they have spent a sufficient number of days working consecutively for the business to earn their time off, workers should be granted holidays and take time off work. Staff should also make sure they provide their employer with sufficient warning and dates when booking their holiday time off work. Large companies should not forget to monitor the wellbeing of their staff. A lot of staff members will have young families at home and understandably they will want to be able to enjoy holidays and opportunities to spend some quality time with them. Giving staff a sufficient number of holidays every year is one way that large companies can display compassion and understanding towards their workforce and respect their personal circumstances. We all need a break at times and getting through the pandemic with its lockdowns has been very tough for us all. 

Maintain Good Healthy Levels of Communication with Your Workforce    

Thanks to the internet and the digital world that businesses operate in today, it’s easier than ever before for large companies to communicate and connect with their workforce. A large company can communicate with members of staff in person by setting up staff meetings with management, meetings between staff representation bodies and organisations such as worker’s unions and management, or electronically via emails, and through interacting across social media online channels such as Instagram and Facebook. With digital communication and people so hooked on spending ages staring at their smartphones for hours on end every day, it’s easier than ever before for large companies to reach out and communicate effectively with their workforce.  

Make Sure Staff Know Their Work is Valued and Appreciated by the Company  

Large companies should make sure they are responsive and able to communicate with staff effectively to provide positive feedback when they have performed well at work and reached certain goals or targets. This appreciation for staff effort could be shown through personalised dedicated electronic message on recognising a work achievement, or even through monetary bonuses and salary increases. If workers start to feel undervalued and as though their contribution is not being appreciated by the company they work for, they may become lazy, lethargic, and demotivated in the workplace and their contribution and productivity may fall drastically. Staff members feeling valued is an important part to a workforce staying motivated and productive as a collective.  

Motivating a large workforce in 2021 is by no means an easy task, it comes with many challenges and hurdles. However, if a large company is respectful, forward-thinking, appreciative, and communicative towards its staff members, then it should be able to run a successful business and keep staff members happy and content.  

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