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4 Things to do after CompTIA security+ certification

The IT world has changed over the years and many employers are looking for individuals that can back their skills and talents up with certifications. One of the most popular certifications among professionals is the CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 exam, which gives you the knowledge needed to keep networks and databases secure for businesses throughout the world.

There are plenty of resources out there that will give you tips on how to prepare for your certification test, some even providing CompTIA Security+ 501 exam questions and answers to help you study and feel confident in your knowledge. Using these resources, you can pass the certification exam with flying colors.

There is, however, one question many people have after completing their certification exam: what to do after getting a Security+ certification?

Inquire About Raises/Bonuses

Ideally, you should already have gotten this information before preparing for and passing the Security+ exam; if not, there’s no better time to ask about opportunities for raises with your new certification. Speak with your current employer about opportunities you may receive thanks to a Security+ certification – you may be surprised at the doors your certification can open.

Update Your Resume

You don’t have to completely redo your resume once you’ve passed a certification exam, but it’s always good to keep it updated as you earn certifications. Make sure that it is listed in your credentials section so that potential employers can see your skills. Update your resume as soon as possible, avoiding possibly sending out an old resume that lacks your current credentials.

Apply Your Knowledge

Once you’ve passed a certification exam, try to avoid keeping your knowledge on paper. Use the information learned from studying CompTIA Security+ 501 exam questions and answers and apply it to real world situations as much as possible. If you already work in the IT field, you may have an advantage when it comes to finding ways to apply your knowledge. If not, you can still apply what you’ve learned in your chosen field.

Decide on Further Certifications

One certification under your belt can work wonders, opening doors for you in the IT field and showing current and potential employers that you have what it takes to be an asset to their team. However, you don’t need to stop at just one – consider taking additional certification exams to further increase your knowledge. Multiple certifications will look better to employers and help you solve problems in the workplace. ITExams.com is the right platform to help you for exam preparation.

A CompTIA Security+ certification can be a great way to find new job opportunities in the tech field and enhance your professional knowledge and competitiveness. Getting your certification can be exciting, but it can be confusing figuring out what to do once you’ve finished preparing for and passing the test.

After you’ve become a certified professional, inquire with employers about raises, update your resume with your new credentials, apply your knowledge to real-world situations whenever you can, and consider adding onto your resume by getting more certifications.

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