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Top 3 Best Cybersecurity Companies of 2020

Cybersecurity is one of the hottest areas of the Information Technology sector. There are thousands of reputable cyber security companies working in this Billion dollars market to earn their fortune. Many of these companies have already thrived in the cyber security sector and Fortinet is on top of the list with their exceptional cybersecurity services.

According to an estimate, the size of the Cybersecurity market is expected to reach $326.4 billion by the end of year 2027. The increasing Cybersecurity threats are the main reason for the exponential growth of this industry which is rising by 10% every year. So, without any further ado, let’s have at our top 3 dominant Cybersecurity companies:

#1: Fortinet

Annual Revenue: $2.15 Billion

The fortinet was founded back in 2000 with an aim to secure cyberspace. The headquarters of Fortinet are based in Sunnyvale, California. The company specializes in Network firewalls, anti-virus, Network access control (NAC),  intrusion prevention, web application firewalls and endpoint security

The company has seen exponential growth in the previous years and their revenues are still rising with a good pace. They also provide cloud security solutions in collaboration with Google. They provided better security to the customers who moved to Google Cloud Platform from other vendors. The Fortinet’s customers are extremely happy with their top-notch security services and that’s why Fortinet has earned the first place on our list.

#2: KnowBe4

Annual Revenue: Not Disclosed

KnowBe4 is a Cybersecurity awareness training company that was founded back in 2010. The main goal of KnowBe4 is to ensure that your organization and their employees are safe from all faulty hacker’s attempt. Employees in every organization face such hacking attempts where attackers try to trick them into phishing or other social engineering techniques. 

KnowBe4 analyzed this problem and they started to provide cybersecurity awareness training. Gartner also previously recognized KnowBe4 as one of the best Cyber security training providers. They teach organizations about the latest phishing techniques and attack methods. KnowBe4 demonstrates these attacks and provides a proper roadmap to protect and report such attacks. This awareness training can prevent million dollar breaches that are mostly caused by lack of cyber security awareness 

#3: Cisco

Annual Revenue: $49.33 billion

Cisco Organization is mainly involved in the networking sector but they also decided to expand their network in cybersecurity solutions. They are currently providing a range of cybersecurity services including Next-generation firewalls, CASB, web gateway, next-generation intrusion prevention, NAC, advanced malware protection, security management, email security, endpoint security, VPN, and many other security services. Cisco also revealed its new silicon architecture and secure Internet plan back in 2019. 

They also have partnered with AWS to provide more secure services to the customers. The company was founded back in 1984, where it took off from networking services but they kept expanding their network to other rising markets. Their headquarters are based in San Jose, California. This American multinational security company generates most of their revenue by selling communication and networking equipment but now a big part of their revenue also comes from security services that they offer to organizations  with big visions.

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