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4 tips to help you become a better trader

There are more people learning how to trade than ever right now. And, not everyone can be successful at it. If you have already been trading for a while, then you are probably looking at ways that you can improve, and become a better trader. Here are a few ways that you can up the ante on your trading, and meet your goals.

Trading Plan

Like everything in life, you have to put together a plan that makes sense. Knowing how you will make a profit is essential. You will need to put together a clear and actionable trading plan. You can do this with the help of an experienced traders. They will be able to help you create a strategy that fits with what you need.


Before you start trading with real money, you should run some demos and backtesting. Demo accounts don’t require any real money from you, so you can run as many trials as you need to in order to see what will work and what won’t. When you do this, try to stick to your strategy, rather than go into it with the mindset that you aren’t spending real money, so it doesn’t matter.

This will help to prove your methods ahead of time.


If you aren’t doing your trading regularly or making sure that you are fitting it into each day, then you will have a hugely reduced chance of making a profit.

Try to start your trading at the same time each day, or have an automated trading software running and check-in at the same time each day. Have a time each day that you ‘close’ too. And then the following hour you can review all of the trades taken, and make sure that you are still adhering to your trading plan.


Every trader will have moments of weakness, and you should have something in place for when this happens. You might not think you have one initially, but over time it will become more obvious. It could be not taking a loss when you should, but instead taking bigger trades and losing bigger.

It might potentially be that you are tempted by trades that don’t fit with your plan and are based on unproven strategy. These weaknesses are likely to give you a loss, and one you might not recover from any time soon. If you feel yourself edging towards making any trades outside of your plan, or trying to cover your losses with bigger losses, then take some time out.

These small tips will help you stay on track for most of your trading hours. But there is nothing that can replace substitute testing, build and a well-designed strategy. Like most things, the success you have in your trading will come down to the amount of time and effort that you put into it. One final point is that you should trust your judgement over time. As you learn more and have more experience, you will be able to work with the software for the best results.

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