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5 businesses anyone can start

Some of the Poles living in the UK, decide to return to their homeland after a while, but for many, the United Kingdom becomes a home and they decide to settle permanently.

Currently, there are over a million Poles living and working in the UK, making them the largest national minority. And with 60,000 UK businesses already owned by Poles, many more are looking to start-up their own business ventures.

Starting your own business allows you to work the hours that best suit your lifestyle and follow your own rules. Sure, it’s definitely not the easiest task, but if you have enough passion and discipline, it could be the best and most rewarding decision you ever make.

What Businesses Are Easy To Start?

To create a profitable business, you need capital, big ambition and strong commitment. The most important ingredient, however, is a strong business idea. Here are some business ideas that can easily be developed into thriving enterprises.

  1. Gastronomy

The obvious truth is that people, regardless of where they come from, will always need and love to eat. Restaurants offering traditional Polish cuisine are popular within the UK, and the demand for such service is increasing. Simple, but tasty homecooked, Polish food can melt the hearts of both fellow immigrants and British nationals. I mean, who can resist pierogi? Whilst being a restauranteur can be demanding, the satisfaction of providing people with delicious dishes as you rake in the profits, will always outweigh the hardships.

Aside from opening a restaurant, you could also consider opening either a takeaway that offers delivery, or a catering service. Catering has one big advantage – you don’t have to rent the premises and you can prepare all the meals in the comfort of your own home. Regardless of which option you go for, if you serve tasty meals and take care of your customers, the food industry can be hugely profitable.

  1. Transport Company

Another business idea proven to make money easily, is to offer a passenger or goods transportation service. The options are endless: you can find your niche through offering transport to and from the airport, or opt to drive in one of the UK’s biggest cities. In large metropolises, like London, many people prefer to travel by car, but don’t want to worry about the lack of parking spaces. There also of course advantages to driving at night, for those who have consumed alcohol and are looking to get home safely. That’s when you step in. The success of transport services such as Uber or Viavan shows the potential of entering the transportation market.

You don’t even have to restrict your services to the UK. Offering transport of goods from and to Poland can also prove lucrative. And Setting up a transport company on your own isn’t too difficult. You can start just with the one car, as demand increases you can then steadily expand your company; buying new cars and employing new drivers. The threshold for entry into this market is small, and the potential profits are very large, so it is an opportunity worth looking into.

  1. Handyman

Repair services will always be needed. Nowadays, many people are focused on developing their corporate careers and very few have the skills needed to repair or fix things. If you have a flair for electronic equipment or plumbing, it is worth transferring those skills into a business model. All you need to get going is a full toolbox and bags of enthusiasm. Another plus is that as a self-employed handyman you can set your own rates and timetable, so the job offers quite a bit of flexibility.

If you’re good at what you’re doing, your business can grow a good reputation quickly. Once this happens you can look to expand by hiring additional employees, so that you can take on more clients and make even more money.

  1. Franchise

The franchise is an option for ambitious entrepreneurs, who would like to use the success of an existing brand to multiply their own capital. Many companies, (such as Subway or McDonalds, just to name a few), offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to run one of their franchise stores. There are many benefits of opening a franchise. First, you don’t require a large amount of capital to start up. You don’t have to build the business’ reputation from scratch, as the brand is usually already well-known. And finally, you get a business that is ready to go, complete with logo, training schemes for you and your employees, expert guidance, and a pool of loyal paying customers. Ultimately there is less risk involved in opening a franchise store, and because the brand is already well-established, it is much easier for you to forecast your profits.

The franchiser shares with you not only the brand’s reputation, but also know-how. The Franchisee can always count on professional help and training. Help usually includes support in determining the assortment, location selection, business checks, accounting and recruitment training. Thanks to the franchiser, you can get better deals from suppliers and contractors. The franchiser negotiates terms with suppliers for the entire network and, as a bigger player, they can negotiate better terms.

If you don’t already have the capital to take on a franchise, don’t worry. Many credit brokers are keen to help budding entrepreneurs who are looking to run a franchise. These companies can offer Poles, credit in the UK quickly and easily.

  1. Online store

Running an online store can prove a big hit, especially for those who appreciate the freedom to work from anywhere on earth. To get started you will have a lot to do; you first need to buy a domain, set up the website, start appropriate marketing, establish a payment system and, of course, provide your store with the goods you want to sell. This may mean that your apartment will fill up with boxes, and you’ll quickly become good friends with the local courier, you’ll need to invest in a reliable overnight delivery service or courier to make sure everything runs smoothly. However, once the business develops and starts to make money, you can rent a small storing warehouse and share duties with new employees.

Having a good storage system in place and a trusted team, can reduce the owner’s work considerably.  Many in this role refer to themselves as a “Digital nomad,” which is essentially a digital business owner that works remotely, or spends most of their time on the go.

Is opening a business worth considering?

The above examples are just a short list of all business ideas. When picking the right business choose something you feel you might really enjoy doing! Regardless of what you decide, it is worth remembering that each option will require a lot of your time, energy and money.

The beginnings of building a business are not always easy, and you must acknowledge that running your own enterprise comes with a lot of responsibilities. Nevertheless, taking a risk and pushing yourself to be your own boss could be the best and most profitable decision you ever make.

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