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5 programming languages for you to learn in 2019

IT professionals know the importance of mastering the language used for the job. After all, how does a developer expect to perform their service well without first knowing their tool? It is the same as a cabinetmaker or bricklayer who does not master the techniques and tools used to perform his work.

Within this context, a question always arises: “What programming language should I learn?”

This is a fairly common question, especially among beginning programmers who are starting their careers within the IT field. And that’s a pretty pertinent question, especially since there are so many programming languages today – and several that call themselves the “best for beginners”.

Without going into the merits of what is the best programming language for beginners, let’s list options for those who don’t know where to start. However, some programming languages are more geared towards a particular area, which can in some ways help those in between two or three options to decide.

  1. C # (C-Sharp)
    C # is the proprietary programming language developed by Microsoft. It is part of the .NET platform and has its C ++ based object oriented syntax. However, its structure, functions and features are also influenced by many other programming languages.Besides being very interesting for those who are passionate about the Microsoft ecosystem (Windows and related), this programming language is especially important for game development lovers. This is because C # is used by many programs as the base language in development, such as Unity, one of the largest platforms for game creation. The feud between C # and Java is practically historical, but the two languages complement each other and need each other to keep evolving.
  2. Go
    Created by Google, the Go programming language is the newest and probably the least used on the list. However, this does not mean that it is not powerful and deserves community attention. In the past, many have argued that Search Giant has created this language to replace Java in the future. However, this is unlikely to happen.3. Java
    Of course, Java could not be left out of this list. While it is undergoing a declining phase, with fewer jobs requiring this programming language, it is certainly true that Java is still extremely important to the industry and developer community.

    4. JavaScript
    Perhaps the most beloved of the list is JavaScript. And this is said without any value judgment, as many websites list this programming language as one of the most popular and widely used worldwide. According to research, JavaScript is used by 80% of developers and 95% of websites. This shows the power of this programming language and the need to have at least basic knowledge about this language, which can be used on both front end and back end.

    5. Python
    Python is another popular language among developers – perhaps just behind JavaScript. This is because this is notoriously a relatively easy programming language to learn and see its results in practice. Because of factors like this, many see Python as a strong trend in programming.

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