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What do Python programmers do?

When you hear the word ‘python’, the first thing that comes to mind is a huge snake with big fangs and bone crushing body. But we are about to talk about another type of python, this python does not have fangs and it is able to program your computer to execute some function. Yes, we are talking about python programming, and more specifically python programmers. Python is a high-level programming language that combines the dynamics of typing and semantics. It is very attractive for rapid application development and when it comes to simpler and less syntax in programming, python is the language to go to.

With all the benefits that python offers, it is only logical that there would be those who are skilled at using this language. And this set of people are called python programmers. Python programmers are those who are able to use the vast array of applications that are connected to the language. A statistic from Stack Overflow, puts python as one of the language that have a high rate of growth therefore, these set of professional are in high demand.

What is the job of a python programmer?

There are a whole lot of things to do as a python programmer and because of how vast the language is, there are lots of specialization. For example, python can be used to perform website development projects like e-commerce, insurance and so on. It can also be used as the foundation for building the frame work of other codes for developing applications. Therefore, Python programmers are able to work almost anywhere. They could be employed in IT firms, banks, healthcare sector (for data collection and analysis), administration sector and many more. There is no limit to where a professional that is skilled in using python can work.

Some of the companies that employ python programmers include Instagram, Amazon, Facebook, Netflix, Spotify and Quora. All of these companies uses them for different purpose such as server health checks, data analysis, bridging network devices amongst many others.

How much do python programmers receive as income?

If you want to delve into the world of python programming or master the skill and build a career out of it, then its only reasonable to know how much you get paid. The salary varies for different companies and different countries. But we were able to find an average for each country that should at least give you an idea of what to expect per annum.

Country Average Salary Per Month
India $1602
China $3635
Poland $3039
Australia $4999
Brazil $1927
Canada $3558
Japan $3814
South Africa $3200

These figure represent what an entry level python developer would get payed. For senior level positions, the salary is even higher. For example, in USA, the annual salary of a python developer goes for about $78,176, while senior level position takes home $122,093 annually. These price varies by country and also by projects. Therefore, before you start thinking about the salary, check your experience level and make some findings about what you would likely get.

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