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5 reasons to pursue a master’s degree in England

After four or more years of hard work, you have finally obtained your honour’s degree. But now you’re faced with a very important decision. Do you use your newfound knowledge and skills to enter your chosen industry, or do you keep climbing the ladder and take the opportunity to further your education?

While the former option will allow you to start making some money, pursuing a master’s degree will go a long way in increasing your employability and building a solid foundation for the future of your career. If the latter resonates with you, have you considered where to go ahead and study for your master’s?

England is naturally a popular choice, and for many reasons. Not only are there many opportunities to study at great universities, but you also have the option to study online. This affords you more time and money to explore all that England has to offer and start finding accommodation options, business contacts, and companies to work for.

Let’s get the tea party started by looking at five reasons why pursuing a master’s degree in England is a great choice.

Geographic Location

If you’re coming from abroad, you’ll want to be in a country where you can easily travel back home and for leisure in your spare time. Not only is England home to some of the biggest international airports, but it’s also in close proximity to many great travel destinations in and around Europe, making it a dream for students who love to explore.

Online Education

A growing number of universities are offering online courses that are significantly more affordable and come with a number of additional benefits. For example, if you wish to enter the education sector, you can pursue an MA education distance learning program.

This is a particularly great idea if you want to stay in England for the long term. After all, it’s one of the top hubs in the world for education, so there are plenty of employment opportunities and great salaries on offer.

Social Life

If you choose to study online, you’ll have an even greater opportunity to balance your daily schedule and make time for a social life. England is known for its great pubs and nightlife, as well as a world-class culinary scene with cuisine for every taste.

Thriving Economy

England is a thriving economic hub with countless employment opportunities in many industries. Salaries are high across the board and are currently outpacing inflation. A report by the Office for National Statistics showed that employment rates are the highest they’ve ever been and the number of employed women, in particular, is at record numbers.


England is perhaps the last place in the world that any English speaking person would experience difficulties communicating or reading. This makes it easier to study, get around, make friends and nail job interviews once you graduate.


Moving anywhere will present its own set of challenges. But if you’re strong enough to have come this far in your education, it’s unlikely that there will be anything standing in your way, so go for it!  

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