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5 Reasons Why Women Make Great Leaders

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When one hears the word leader, one might think of men’s examples off the top of their heads. However, there are many powerful ladies like Angela Merkel, Kamala Harris, Melanie Perkins, Maria Eitel, and millions more in contemporary life only not to mention past centuries. Cleopatra VII, who managed to make Egypt prosperous, ruled in 1st century B.C., but she is still one of the most significant historical figures. Leadership should not be associated with men’s power only. In this article, we will explain why women may hide an unrealized potential. Here are a few reasons why females fit great for leaders:

Multitasking and Flexibility

Leadership comes with many responsibilities. Ladies master multitasking skills every day, both when at home and work. By being able to successfully balance, the efficiency increase, and the workflow does not stagnate: the tasks are sorted timely and if needed simultaneously.

Flexibility is in charge of their capacities: it is not a single example when contemporary women are not only breadwinners but also homemakers. They can switch roles from demanding leaders to loving mommies almost instantly. They value work-life balance not only in their lives but they respect the workers’ analogous need that arises. Following the seemingly simple equation: happy employees – good results, they maintain a positive state for their colleagues. Staying effective for a worker is inter dependable with their personal and career fulfillment as well as with the ability to satisfy the volitions.

Oratorical Skills and Openness

Eloquence is a quality that is more widespread among females. For executing positions, it is mandatory to communicate the tasks clearly. Ladies can distribute the comprehensible tasks timely. At the same time, feedback is an integral part of teamwork. They tend to give thorough reports whenever these are praises, recommendations, or reprimands. They appreciate receiving opinions from their coworkers and encourage sharing ideas and thoughts.

On top of that, communication supports an open environment. Lack of discussion or understatements tends to result in misunderstanding or indifference, which may affect a project’s results.

Emotional Intelligence

Women manage to nurture the employees and maintain unity among them. The team’s spirit drives the mechanism and does not allow feeling like a small cog in a big machine. Instead, people are united because their opinions carry weight and they are devoted to common ambitions. Through transformation, females are able to change mindsets at work which affects the outcomes.

For that reason, ladies are prone to prosperous mentoring. By being a successful role model, a lady can inspire the younger generation. Not rarely, there is a stereotypical perception of work possibilities. For some, glass-ceiling is not only a term but a reality they have faced. That being the case, only other females are able to empower those who lost belief.

Women can eliminate the payment inequalities. Actually, payment dishonesty is tightly connected with opportunities. It has been noticed that men are likely to be provided with more impressive upward mobility. As a rule, it has less to do with skills than stereotypes. To challenge such a belief, more ladies should be empowered to compete for headship.


While men’s style of leading might be described as self-centered, women are expected to pave the way taking into account a group of people and not a single person. They can shift focus to the team and not be self-centered.

This makes women better team players as they are interested in improving the work of other people. Men sometimes are too dedicated to power and self-improvement that they forget that cooperation is the secret to success in a company. Contributing to the performance of individual workers might be more fruitful than investing powers just in yourself.

The business may be facing ups and downs because the people in charge are seeking personal benefits rather than collective ones.

Criticalness and Creativity

There is always room for improvement, and one should be objective in order to grow professionally. Women have been noticed generally not to be overconfident. Some might even experience Impostor syndrome, which can be helpful: you are more motivated to show better results and interact with the group more efficiently.

When you are leading people, it is inevitable to be criticized from time to time. A good leader listens for the commentary and analyses how to ameliorate this aspect. Because the majority of females are good at brainstorming, they cope with the challenges creatively, which results in regular developments and perfections.

Do not put it off if you have been meaning to unleash your strength and climb the career ladder. It is right time you did it. Our article drew only a general picture of why ladies have a huge capacity to lead.

To get insightful data about what you can do now to become a better leader, you can join a live online course Women in Leadership from ELVTR. Within six weeks, Lilah Jones will provide hands-on practice, cheatsheets, and valuable recommendations that will boost your career.

Having more self-confidence can significantly spur your learning capacities.

As Felix Dennis said: “Without self-belief, nothing can be accomplished. With it, nothing is impossible.”

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