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5 Reasons your conversion rate isn’t what it should Be

Your e-commerce site’s conversion rate is arguably the most important metric worth tracking. After all, it measures how many customers make it all the way through the buyer’s journey, eventually resulting in them making the final decision to purchase your product. Luckily, there are a few ways in which to rectify the situation if, despite your best efforts to improve it, your conversion rate just isn’t what you hoped it would be.

Here are a few reasons why this rate is low and what to do about it.

Your website isn’t up to scratch

The overall design and layout of your e-commerce website determines a number of factors that can impact a consumer’s decision to convert. For example, if your navigation is lacking, and it takes too long for the consumer to find precisely what they want, they might abandon their search altogether and go looking elsewhere.

If your product photography is plain and uninspiring, the consumer might change their mind about making a purchase at the last minute. All of these small details have a huge influence on that all-important question: to buy or not to buy?

You haven’t done enough research

While user experience in relation to your website is crucial to an impressive conversion rate, your research and improvements need to go a lot deeper than that to generate results. For example, have you looked into the inner workings of your processes? Perhaps there is a flaw in your sales journeys or your brand collateral? The best way to get to the bottom of the issue is to enlist the services of a conversion rate optimisation agency that knows where to start, where to look, and how to make improvements.

You haven’t optimised for mobile

According to data from Statistica, 43% of online shoppers used mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, when browsing and buying products online in 2019. In short, if you haven’t optimised your SEO and your website design for mobile, you are missing out on the opportunity to encourage over 40% of website visitors to convert.

Your copy isn’t creative enough

How inspirational and descriptive is your website copy, and your product descriptions, in particular? How strong are your various calls to action? Is all of your content grammatically correct and free from spelling errors that could call your brand’s reputation into question? It is always worthwhile getting in touch with a digital marketing company or freelance copywriter if you need help coming up with the right words.

You are charging shipping costs

Very few customers will willingly pay extra for shipping. In most cases, they will abandon their shopping carts and seek out an e-commerce store that offers similar products and free delivery. Baymard Institute released statistics gathered through surveys that show over 50% of all cart abandonment can be attributed to extra costs being too high, including costs for shipping.

Now that you know what could be causing the dip in your conversion rate, you can take action to remedy the problem and maximise your sales.

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