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5 Tips to spruce up your home office

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2021 will be no different from 2020 in the fact that more and more people will continue to work from home. Remote working started as a necessity and is now becoming a lifestyle. Creating the right environment to help you to be as effective as possible is vital. Being comfortable and happy in your surroundings is just as conducive to productivity. Home offices are fast becoming a staple in most households. Whether it’s just the corner of a room or the entirety of one that you have dedicated to becoming your office you need to make it work for you.

Having a desk or a surface you can use as one. And the right technology is vital to your working life. However, the luxury of having your office at home is that you can design it how you want to suit your creative or structured needs. For efficient and stylistic scheduling, you can also print calendars and stick them beside your computer or whiteboard. 

Here are our top six tips for sprucing up your home office

Marks and Spencer have a range of sumptuous soft furnishings that will make you never want to leave the office. Working from home has many benefits. But one of the drawbacks is that unless you want to spend your entire wages on heating you need to find an alternative to keeping warm.

Their luxurious throws are the perfect compromise, not only do they keep you toasty but they look great too. Use a m and s discount code too so you can save money to put towards your heating bills.

A plush rug in the middle of the floor or at your feet is another way to help warm up and brighten up your room. Choosing the right size of the rug is both important and not the easiest task. The size of your home office needs to be taken into consideration. Also if your rug will serve decorative or protective purposes. Another important factor is that you need to be able to sit straight and move your chair without the rug getting bunched up every time.

Green is the colour of hope. This is one of the reasons that plants are good to have around, everybody needs that now and then. Be it for the seemingly impossible deadline that you don’t think you will make to the overwhelming workload. Plants are known stress relievers. Just looking at a plant can seemingly lower the possibility of being stressed.

Plants boost productivity. They make you feel that you are not just working but that you are also in touch with nature even though you are inside.

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The number one benefit of plants is that they maintain better health and give you a better quality of air. They release oxygen, without oxygen, we would cease to exist. If that reason alone isn’t enough to make you want to invest in a cactus they also reduce dry skin by 20% and they are pretty to look at.

Feng Shui the theory is that the commanding position is facing the door so don’t sit with your back against the door if you can. If you have to and in front of you you have a wall don’t stare at a blank wall. Use the wall to energise you! Depending on the type of job you have and the level of creativity required you can use that space to make a mood board to inspire you every time you look at it. If your job is less creative but you still would like to be motivated. This is by filling your wall with artwork that inspires you.

Investing in some frames with prints that put a smile on your face every time you look at them is sure to boost your productivity. Another great tip is to get a large clock. According to the government’s tips for working from home, you need to make sure to take a break. Working from home can blur the line between home. And the office so if you can see the time it is more likely that you will remember to take a break.

In conclusion

Keeping your desk neat is also important. Don’t become overwhelmed with papers. If you don’t have space for a filing cabinet you can always use some wire baskets. Not only will they keep all your documents in order but they are aesthetically pleasing.

Last but not least, a little bonus tip, invest in a nice mug for the endless cups of tea you will inevitably make whilst working from home.

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