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Everything you have to know about shaker-style fitted kitchens

According to a report by Kitchen Stories, 48% of the people in the UK cook their meals five times a week. So, you can conclude that people in this country cook more often than other nations. For this reason, many UK citizens love to design their kitchens in a trendy and classic style.

Fitted kitchens UK offer the most elegant and contemporary designs in the market. The market size of kitchen furniture manufacturers in the UK is about two billion GBP. New design trends are introduced every year to redesign or remodel your existing cooking spaces.

Shaker-style fitted kitchens have been in fashion since 1747, and they are still ruling the design trends. They are the most commonly found designs in most houses in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, and Oxford. Let’s see what makes them so unique.

What is a Shaker-Style Fitted Kitchen?

Shaker-style kitchens have a trimmed and unfussy design. The wood planks and cabinets are simple and do not incorporate unnecessary intricate designs. The focus of shaker-style fitted kitchens in the UK is to demand less effort to maintain and clean it.

The most popular kitchen layouts in the UK are galley layout, U-shaped style, L-shaped, and island kitchen designs. The cabinets, doors, and chests in a shaker-style kitchen have rounded edges and smooth surfaces. The smoothness prevents dust accumulation and aids in faster cleaning.

How Did It Get the Name – Shaker-Style Kitchen?

There was a group titled The United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearance. The shaking Quakers were a part of this religious group, and when the sect separated from the group, the shakers formed a new religious group in the North West of England in 1747.

The Shakers were led by the principles of simplicity, efficacy, and honesty. These qualities were reflected in their artwork. The furniture they designed had minimal designs, with no excessive veneers or inlays. Each piece of furniture was thoughtfully designed and assembled suitably to serve the purpose.

The furniture was designed and carved out of rich wood, typically cherry, maple, or pine. And the staining or painting of the furniture was based on the sect’s dictations, usually either in red, green, yellow, or blue colours.

Why is Shaker Style Kitchen Still in Fashion?

According to a report by Brycelands, people in the UK relocate to other cities at least eight times. When they plan to decorate their homes, they prefer larger cabinets and open spaces in their kitchens. Shaker-style kitchens have a traditional appeal, and they go with modern designs as well.

If you talk about a modular kitchen, the basic design is derived from the shaker-style design. It has a combination of versatility and durability that makes this style the most promising one. Additionally, the best part about shaker kitchens is that you can implement this design in any structure, be it city apartments, suburban family homes, or a beach house.

An Inexpensive and Versatile Designing Technique

The shaker-style fitted kitchens in the UK are traditional and classic. The style has been in use since the 18th century. It incorporates minimalistic and straightforward designing techniques that are famous for budget renovation projects. The average budget for a renovation that a typical UK family holds is about 3000 GBP to 8000 GBP.

Most of the budget allocation is towards cabinet designing, lighting, and fixtures. The fitted kitchens are well-equipped with appliances and other kitchen tools.

The only changes that a shaker-style design brings are the final touch-up and well-organised kitchen utilities. It doesn’t compromise quality and is available at affordable rates. The most appreciated shaker-style kitchen design is in the island layout. Choose your supplier and fitter wisely to avoid last-minute surprises, though.

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