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5 ways use data grow business

Customer data and feedback are vital to the success of any business, but before the Internet, this information was difficult to come across. One of the benefits of technology is that it allows companies to access client data. This data (along with insights into website performance) can help businesses make better-informed decisions about how and where to market their products.

Data analytics encourage brand loyalty, enhance customer experience and allow organisations to implement smart strategies for growth. In others words, companies of all sizes and sectors should be utilising their customer data from day one, but not every business owner knows how.

With this in mind, here are five ways you can use data insights to grow your business from the ground up.

Build an Interactive Website

Creating a responsive website is the first step to take toward growing your business. Having a static front page is not enough to gain new customers or retain existing ones, so if you want to improve your business’s performance, you need to work on your online presence. Make sure your website is compatible with smartphones and tablet devices or you could lose up to half of your potential customers. Include social media buttons, shareable content and mail sign-ups to create a more interactive experience for your users.

Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics will measure your website’s ability to interact with visitors and provide you with feedback that you can use to grow your business. The data from your site will tell you how long your visitors spend on your page, along with which links get the most clicks and which sections are most popular. This information will allow you to hone your website design to improve your customers’ experience.

Encourage Feedback

The data you will use to grow your business revolves around your customers: their browsing habits, online spending and the marketing materials they respond to. If you want to grow your business, this information is crucial, but it shouldn’t replace direct customer feedback. While you can also use analytics tools to analyse your customer complaints and refund requests, you should also encourage your customers to leave online reviews and provide email feedback. This way, you can build long-term, personalised relationships.

Develop Tactical Marketing

Analysing your company data will help increase engagement and sales, but it will also make your marketing more effective. By using analytics software, you can assess the engagement with your landing pages, pop-ups, ads and images and learn whether they drive traffic to your site and convert visitors. Increase your marketing efforts further by inviting users to sign up to your site for a free product of special offer. This way, you will gain access to their information and can add them to your client mailing list. Don’t forget to invite new visitors to like your social media pages so they can share your content!

Secure Your Data

Your company data is an essential tool for driving your business forward, but storing sensitive information on cloud-based platforms also puts your online security at risk. Don’t forget to secure your cloud applications with a cloud access security broker (CASB) like Skyhigh. These solutions have become critical to the cyber safety of organisations big and small, and without it, you could be putting your sensitive corporate data at risk of exposure via the cloud.

By embracing analytics tools and utilising your business data, you can improve your customers’ experience, hone your website, increase the effectiveness of your marketing and drive more sales. Just don’t forget to utilise social media platforms and secure your cloud-based data.

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