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7 simple ways to personalize your beloved steel mugs

Whether you want to give out a mug as a gift or make one for a friend’s birthday, nothing suits a special gift than a customized tea mug. You can use any customized design in mind or porcelain paints to personalize your coffee mugs. Mugs with unique artwork, sweet sayings, and catchy messages have remained on top of mind of their holders. Coffee mugs are a staple in modern boardrooms, offices, and kitchens and are treasured as gifts, but people can still use them for taking their favorite beverage in the morning. Coffee mugs are dated back to thousands of years, but what people think of as conventional tea mugs were designed a few decades ago. These are seven incredible tips to personalize your coffee mugs.

Find a Plain Coffee Mug

The coffee mug you want to customize should not have any design or writing on it. You can use a coffee mug that a relative or friend uses at home as long as it has no design and is plain. Of course, everyone would want their customized mugs to be in decent shape, and not in its last legs. Craft stores are another place where you can purchase a plain, customizable coffee mug. Craft stores sell a variety of plain coffee mugs in different shapes and sizes for a low price. However, be sure to wash the cup and dry it before customizing it. Wash even a coffee mug being used at home thoroughly and dry it before crafting it.

Create a Design

You can design a catchy message for a mug and splash-paint it. However, anyone interested in putting a specific shape or name on the cup might have to map their coffee maps out and create a design template that will guide them. You can search for design templates that you like online. After printing the design, use tracing paper to create a design model. However, look for a design that has bold lines that can fit on the mug perfectly. Don’t use complicated designs because transferring or painting the cup could be difficult and cost you a lot of time. It might be necessary to use letter stencils that are suitable for the mug. Customization could mean including a cute saying or name on the cup. Your lettering should, however, compliment the design of the mug for uniformity.

Paint the Background

One way to layer a customized coffee mug is first to paint its background. However, make sure to paint it with a color that will complement but not conflict its design. Look for a neutral color that is soothing to the mug’s cover. You can go for either a two-tone mug or consider painting only one of its sides. You can use two colors for either side of the cup or paint one of the faces, but this depends on the design of the mug. Colors of a coffee mug should blend with the preferences and needs of the target audience. For example, a coffee mug targeted for university students should be painted with school colors. However, let the cup dry before splashing paint on it so that paint doesn’t mix to create a messy look.

Transfer the Design to the Coffee Mug

You can use the design to the tea mug using a wax-pencil. All you need is to follow the printed design or tracing. However, masking tape might be necessary to help block off the design surface and keep paint lines clean. Then cut the design and splash paint around it. You might need to use tape rings to cut out the shapes of the design if you want to create a graphic type design that comprises of different shapes and circles. Alternatively, paint around the design or over it to create a reverse effect.

Add the Recipient’s Name or Message

You may have to wait until the mug is dry to add the message and the name of the recipient. However, consider using a paint pen over a brush for a superb finish. Unless a designer wants to add wide-set lettering, a paint is enough to ensure more control over anything written on the mug. Your paint should, however, be designed for the ceramic application. You can use a paint pen to include a personal touch on or inside the mug such as stars, handmade hearts, or an insider saying. You can also add a joke or saying underneath the cup or inside it.

Design a Stunning Custom Print

Consider the color, shape, and size of your mug when designing its print. Contact Custom Drinkware BrandMe designers for guidance on how to create a stunning print for a coffee mug. However, it isn’t always advisable to use a standard logo on a custom tea mug. Instead, there are many simple designs for making beautiful custom coffee mugs at a lower cost. Consider purchasing large cups that can carry more of your favorite beverage. Larger coffee mugs can fit in your hand comfortably, and one reason why they are popular is that they let users stir sugar and milk without spilling. However, limiting the color of your design can save you a few dollars. Instead, try unique artwork and fonts to customize a coffee mug at no cost. However, those who aren’t concerned about the price should go for hand-drawn designs as they look fantastic on some coffee mugs.

Put Your Mug in a Box

It might be crucial to put the mug inside a box if you want to use it as a promotional gift. Those tiny, cozy cartons can make a big impression with your staff and existing and potential clients as well. You can use these lovely mugs as a gift for your hardworking workers and most loyal customers. Note that your coffee mug design may not please everyone, so take time to design it according to your needs. You can take a different direction and ask an artist to create super beautiful coffee mugs, but it might cost you a bunch of dollars.

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