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7 Ways to Use Voucher Codes & Coupons to Generate More Sales


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Most shoppers are always looking for discounts when shopping online. Retailers also understand this and add coupons and vouchers in their marketing strategies to increase sales. 

The internet has changed the retail business, and competition is no longer just with your next-door neighbor but also global stores. In such a competitive environment, customer loyalty is crucial to your business’ growth. You want to attract new customers but also ensure that the ones you have remain loyal. 

Voucher codes can help your business increase customer loyalty and generate more sales. Customers are always on the lookout to capitalize on deals and maximize savings. If your competitors are offering incentives and you are not, it is just a matter of time before you notice a drop in sales. 

Why Coupons and Vouchers?

Vouchers and coupons get people buying. They are useful when you want to clear stock or if you have stock that you can use as a baseline to sell other products.  

Digital coupons are a way of enticing customers to buy your products or make purchases through your website. It could be free shipping or some form of a discount. While these incentives are useful, you’ve to understand how to use them to increase sales.  

How to Use Voucher Codes & Coupons

  1. Use seasonal sales offers

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Everyone is always looking forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you don’t capitalize on these seasonal opportunities, you miss a clear chance to drive up sales. 

The average spending per shopper on Black Friday is $300 in the US. These days cause a rush of shoppers looking for discounts.

  1. Have a Loyalty Program

A great marketing manager must understand consumer psychology. Humans are reward-oriented creatures. The most likely question on their mind when you send them a subscription link is, “what’s in it for me?” 

When you offer attractive voucher codes, it will not only entice a purchase, but the customer will also share it, which further increases sales. 

  1. Set An Expiration Date

When using coupons and voucher codes, you have to come up with a clear strategy. Remember, the goal is not just to generate sales but also to increase revenue. What is the purpose of introducing coupons and voucher codes? A good marketing manager should ask this question before using these incentives. 

Voucher codes should expire when the specific reason for which you introduced them is no longer valid. You can have several deals with different ideas, but always make sure that they expire at the end of a specific period. This could be 24 hours or one week, but make sure the deals don’t run for so long. 

  1. Use Flash sale offers

Sometimes, consumers don’t spend even when they have the money. Every marketing manager faces this phase in their work at some point. Nothing seems to work, yet you have stock to move. Do you know you can use flash sale offers to increase revenue in such scenarios? 


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A flash sale offers the customer great discounts but for short period. For a flash sale to achieve its purpose, it must create urgency and hype that results in a spike in sales. The approach should be simple with a call to urgency (CTA) that stands out. The potential customers must be convinced that it is such a great opportunity that they should not miss out. 

  1. Have “Buy one, get…” offers

Not everyone likes free things, but everyone wants to get more for less. Discounts don’t always have to be in the form of cash. The “buy one, get… offer’ can help you increase sales while still having a good profit margin. 

When buyers feel that they’ll get more than they are paying for, you can entice them to buy one item and get a discount on the next.  

  1. Use Social Media

Social media is a great place to push your voucher and coupon marketing. Such platforms help to spread the information to potential customers quickly. 

You can get people to subscribe to your social media accounts and get discounts on products. This will help attract them as future customers.  For example, if you give discounts for first-time purchases, you can get leads that you can convert to loyal customers. 

  1. Offer Price-minimum Coupons

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Sometimes, you may earn more on average for some items, but you find that the stock is not moving as fast as required. You risk having dead stock if these items don’t move. But do you know that coupon marketing is a great way to move such stock while maintaining the average earnings as high as possible?

People tend to spend more money when they get discounts than they would have done, otherwise. If you have coupons that only activates when the buyer spends a specific minimum limit, you’ll be able to entice them to spend more. 

Closing Thoughts

Technology is ever-changing, and you have to move along with it or risk your business becoming obsolete. You’ve seen successful businesses collapse because they could not adapt to current technologies. 

Always be on the lookout for the latest technologies in your field and always adapt to the best technology. Most customers use their phones to make online purchases, so make sure that your website is optimized for mobile shopping. 

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