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8 Instagram Marketing Mistakes You’re Making

Are you not getting the results you want on Instagram? Do you think you’re making some mistakes that are holding you back?

Instagram is a great network to build a presence on. As you can generate a lot of engagement and sales on this network. But you won’t automatically generate great results, just because you publish posts. You need to do this the right way. 

Many people use Instagram however they please without a strategy and end up making mistakes. If you want to avoid these, you should check out the common mistakes people make on Instagram below…

Not posting often enough:

Many people think that if you post once a week or once a month, it will suffice. But what they don’t know is that posting even once a week is far too little. As the top Instagrams accounts post 7+ times a week. If you want to get the most engagement, followers, and sales, you need to post multiple times a day. 

Also, the content you post should be a combination of Instagram stories, reels, IGTV posts, and in-feed posts. Just publishing in-feed posts won’t do. So, work on posting all these types of posts by using a top Instagram scheduling tool. It will help you post a lot of content in bulk and save time. 

Not creating quality content:

The quality of your content matters on Instagram. If you create better content, you will stand out and more people will like your posts and will look forward to more posts in the future. Most people have no strategy. They just post something because they ‘have to’ and get trickles of engagement. If you don’t want to be among them you should strategize your Instagram marketing. Do some qualitative research and figure out who your audience is, come up with a persona, and post quality content that appeases this audience. They will then be more likely to interact with your content and take action. 

Not paying any attention to the caption:

The caption might seem trivial on Instagram. But it is almost as important as the visuals. As people will read the caption after they view the visual to get some context. So, if you include the right caption with the right call to action they will know what to do next. This will make a massive difference in the amount of engagement, followers, and sales you generate. 

Also, include hashtags and tags in the caption as they can help generate more engagement too. But make sure you use the most relevant hashtags. As this matters too. 

Not promoting the posts:

If you published posts on Instagram 5 years ago, you naturally generated a lot of engagement as the competition was sparse. But now the competition is immense. There are over a billion users on the network and 25 million are businesses. Also, the algorithm has been modified to reach fewer people. Therefore, just posting content won’t get you enough engagement. 

If you really want to shine, you should promote the posts. This needs to be done through cross-promoting your content on other networks, reaching out to influencers and asking them to share your content, and using ads. 

This will help you reach as many people as you used to years ago when the competition was low. And you sometimes might even reach more people. 

Not running contests:

Contests are a quick way to get more engagement, brand impressions, and sales. But very few people use them. If you want to go viral and get quick results, you should run a contest once a month at least. But make sure you have a proper promotion strategy and end goal for your contests if you want to get the best results. 

Not creating video content:

Video content generates more engagement and sales on Instagram. But fewer people create them as they take more time. So, make sure you begin creating more video content if you aren’t already. 

Not willing to take risks:

The top accounts are willing to experiment and take risks. They aren’t afraid of trying new things and failing. So, if you want to get the best results you too should brainstorm innovative ways to market yourself on Instagram and create unique content. This will help you stand out and generate a ton of engagement. But remember that you will fail sometimes. 

Not paying attention to the data:

The most successful marketers track everything. They keep track of what they post, check the results, and then make modifications to improve results. This will take up more time, but they know that this will help them see far better results. 

So, if you want to do better than everybody else, you should track everything you post and improve on it. You should also track your competitors’ posts and work on creating better versions of them. 


These are 8 mistakes you are probably making on Instagram. Get rid of these if you want your results to skyrocket. 

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