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A comprehensive guide to find influencers in your niche

Blogging is an effective marketing strategy. Since its advent in the late 1990’s, blogging has moved from a thought sharing medium to an essential marketing form. It is now used to increase search engine ranking and create brand awareness.

However, it is important to find the right blog and influencer for your marketing campaign. It is not enough for your brand to reach a large audience. It has to reach the right people. The bloggers audience must align with your customer profile.

How to determine your target group and strategy

Before you start your campaign, you need to know your audience and therein the influencers who can creatively tell your story.

Here are some tips to help determine the right influencer:

Target: The right influencer needs to have the right audience. Make sure the influencer has the relevant audience for your brand. If you are going to be pitching sports shoes, the influencer needs to have active sport enthusiasts and follows who partake in fitness/leisure activities.

Look out for demographics, age, gender and niche. Separating your audience into segments creates an easy target approach.

Content: Quality content is key. Look through the content on the influencer’s blog. Does the content on the site fit your brand? Do they write well? Do they promote other brands organically or do they just slap brands into people’s faces? These are questions you need to ask before choosing an influencer.

Authenticity: You should also be sure of the legitimacy of the influencer. You don’t want your hard work to go down the drain. In the first quarter of 2018, Facebook shut down 583 million fake profiles.

Reliability: You want an influencer you can depend on. If you are unsure of where to get one, you can visit influencer platforms like SeedingUp.

Reputation: Consumers are aware that marketers promote only the positive side of a product, that’s why they turn to people they trust. For this reason, influencers you chose should have an impeccable reputation. Find someone your audience trusts.

Influence: Basically, you need to know how influential your influencer is. It should also have audience from different generations and locations (if not a local campaign). Find out more here in this great article on generational marketing at SeedingUp.

Engagement: Engagement trumps numbers. What is the use of millions of followers who cannot take actions? You need to look out for influencers with compelling and thought-provoking content. Make sure they have active followers who comment and like their posts. The more interaction, the better!

Finding the Right Platform

Once you have established your target audience and the kind of blogger you need, the next step is finding a platform where you can execute your campaign. Company’s like SeedingUp.com are the best choice as it solves the question of where to find influencers and bloggers.

SeedingUp is a reliable digital marketing platform where brands can connect with independent influencers and publishers based on their niche and social media profiles. The platform has influence all over the world. So, no matter where your audience is located, SeedingUp can help you get to them.

The platform has over 100, 000 users and 23,000 active bloggers and influencers. The influencers on SeedingUp are diverse and multilingual. They can create the business awareness you need and reinforce downstream SEO.

For brands who cannot manage this process on their own, SeedingUp can help you run your campaign. The platform offers a cost-effective professional digital marketing service.

SeedingUp is also attractive for publishers. If you are looking to monetise your blog, website, YouTube channel and social network profiles, you should visit the platform. SeedingUp also allows publishers to set up multiple sites and receive bookings from a wide array of clients.

Bottom Line

Choosing an influencer for your marketing campaign is not an easy task. The right influencer can break or make your campaign. However, if it is directed in the right scope and depth, it could be of huge benefit to your company. Before you take the bold step, identify your goals and target audience. Make sure the influencer has the features mentioned above.

To ease this process and connect to the right blogger, you can use an influencer agency like SeedingUp.

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