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A guide to choosing a good accountant to help with budgets, forecastings, P&L

Money can be a great friend to us. With it by our sides (or, even better, in our pockets) we can do so many different things- we can buy houses, go on holidays, purchase luxury items and live life in the best way possible. On the other hand, however, if we are struggling financially then life can seem rather bleak all of a sudden. It can be pretty tricky to keep your finances under control and you need to try and do it as best as you can. However, sometimes it gets to the stage where you need some extra help. This is where hiring an accountant can be a good option for you, but there are still some things to consider before you do it. Here’s a guide to choosing a good accountant.

Make sure they are there to help you

Accountants can be really valuable to you if you choose the right one. However, that’s one of the challenges- finding the right one. There are, unfortunately, a lot of dodgy accountants out there who only claim to help people like you so that they can boost their own financial situation. You need to make sure you do some research so make sure you avoid these kinds of people. The kinds of things you should look for include a lengthy and reputable client list- have they helped  lot of people before, and can these people vouch for them? Have their clients’ financial situations improved? These are the kinds of things you should look for in a good accountant.

Do they offer you good prices?

As you probably already know, accountants aren’t about to offer you their services for free. You will need to pay them, but some of them offer much better prices than others. You don’t want to pay a fortune for accounting services when you could have got the same quality of work elsewhere for a much more competitive price. Again, this is where research is important. Don’t just hire the first accountant you come across- check out the prices that different companies offer and decide who’s the best value for money. You could also have a look to see if there are any seasonal deals on- this kind of thing is a little unusual, but if you’re able to find a high class accountant offering reduced prices it could be an absolute coup for you.

Try and find a local accountant

It might be tempting to try and hire the flashiest accountant you come across- someone with a lot of high profile clients, for example. However, this doesn’t always result in the best results. Sometimes, it can be better to just go with your local accountant on these kinds of things. They’ll be a lot closer to you should any problems arise, so you’ll be able to go and see them quickly and resolve things smoothly. If they’re too far away it could cause a lot of problems, so consider staying local.

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