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A revolution in stock monetization-Supply@ME

Who is Supply@ME

A revolution in stock monetization-Supply@ME
Photo by Anna Nekrashevich – Pexels

Supply@ME Capital PLC (SYME:LN) provides a fin technology platform which revolutionizes the way businesses see the”supply chain funding” model. As opposed to acting as a creditor, Supply@Me functions as a pure service provider within this revolutionary inventory monetization model, one that delivers a wide variety of manufacturing and trading companies, the opportunity to update their financial position by using their inventory to secure funding.

The Supply@Me financial model uses a fintech platform which pairs funders of funds with companies in need of capital. Covering a wide variety of industry sectors, it functions with a proprietary version, to facilitate a”true sale” of the stock to special purpose vehicles (“stock companies”) that are incorporated by Supply@ME — also referred to as the service provided.

Basically, the”stock companies” or special purpose vehicles are made from stock and are part of a securitization program for a variety of client companies seeking funds. For investors, the incentive is a diversification of the asset classes.

The difference between this and other fiscal stock-based lending versions is Supply@ME works as a pure service provider, instead of a creditor liaison via its balance sheet.

Contained in the revolutionary fintech assistance, are several risk analysis methodologies and transparent, real time technology (blockchain) which are managed with the intention of making Supply@ME the finest, most secure version that any fintech corporation offers, especially concerning digitizing the stock data and monitoring it all in real time.

The stock model is most frequently used by client companies on a pre-determined foundation.

Broken down, it works, in what sounds like a simple swap, but that’s large because the robust technology supplied by Supply@Me whittles down the process to a few straightforward steps, and takes the guesswork out of this monitoring or legal of stock, to ensure no breach.

The customer chooses part of its stock to record and”digitizes” it on Supply@Me using the inventory platform. The stock is assigned a token (value) and awarded a digitized certification, which is then turned into a value generating strength.

Exchange the certification for investment and get capital. Basically, the service in summary, utilizes the proprietary platform to coincide with digitized notes with funders (across a vast variety of businesses ), all of whom seek to diversify and make an investment in stock.

By buying back your supplies, the certification is made whole and extinguished. The platform employs personal block series technology and a rigorous legal arrangement, allowing for immutable, transparent, and entrusted transactions.

Different from most stock loan versions, this new era fintech solution, offers more advantages including in part, the inventory stays on the client/company premises. With regard to its requirement, it has fulfilled a growing requirement for customers.

Since mid-March 2020, it’s taken off with jet propulsion. And, given the present climate, companies are desperate to”unencumber” working capital, and free up liquidity.

Supply@Me — Today Public on the LSE Even though the company was in operation years before that, a reverse takeover by ABAL Group, changed the game for its recently listed fintech darling. (Note: the prior operations control of ABAL is unaffiliated with Supply@ME).

The Business Trajectory in Milestones

Supply@ME has attained a significant precipice, at least in terms of its business growth. Sitting at the peak of the mountain, the sky is the limit — so says the financial information!

If one is to peruse the upward trajectory only since 2014, the evidence is apparent that this company is headed for giant expansion into 2021.

Together with the reverse takeover in 2020 as well as the rollout of a strong legal arrangement & fintech construction, the business has turned a corner, heading into the next chapter of growth, all of which is occurring quite rapidly.

With the launch of the promotion of their first securitization notes in the second quarter of 2020, the stocks soared and is not going to slow any time soon.

The following timeline succinctly lays out the Firm’s epic increase since 2016:

  • 2016 — Initial pilot project rolling out the stock monetization (with a digital goods company)
  • 2017 — 2018 — More jobs to follow
  • 2019 — Supply@Me Capital partners with Partnership with SIA SpA to expand the technology platform. According to SIA SpA, also executed a conclusion of the new legal arrangement with a scalable securitization frame
  • March 2020 — Following a reverse takeover deal with ABAL Group, Supply@ME accomplishes an LSE stock exchange listing
  • April 2020 — Supply@ME engages StormHarbour Securities LLP to handle the supply and placing of securitization notes.

A subsidiary of CDP Equity, SIA is the chief (throughout Europe) of design, production and management of technologies infrastructures and solutions for Financial Institutions, Central Banks, Corporates and the Public Sector, particularly financial and payment systems.

SIA Group provides its services in 50 countries and operates through subsidiaries in a number of Eastern European nations in addition to South Africa.

Supply@Me’s recent partnership with the technical design team, not only gives the newly listed company credibility in European countries and internationally but also permits Supply@ME to leverage the SIAchain system, which is a distributed ledger infrastructure and currently part of the blockchain characteristic of the Supply@ME system.

This exceptional component enables legally binding stock transfers and ensured trust to all parties involved. Supply@ME currently has an unparalleled degree of safety that includes undeletable monitoring of all recorded inventory on consignment, all of which breeds hope for the interested parties.

Supply@Me Capital (LSE: SYME) CEO Alessandro Zamboni, recently published a statement to the business on the most recent trajectory of this skyrocketing brand.

After inking a deal with a Middle East investment firm for its first pilot in the area, and as part of a scheduled rollout of its stock monetization platform, Zamboni elaborated on how the Middle East program would operate.

In his announcement, he linked the current growth to the financial forecast for the next year. The Middle East thing is set up to facilitate the organization’s expansion into the industry.

Touted as”a first step” in rolling out the exceptional platform across several areas in the Middle East, additionally, Supply@Me Capital PLC also formed a formidable alliance in September, with an investment company in Italy, Epic SIM.

Based on Zamboni, the expectation based on the current stock, partnerships, and an increased need, is a considerable uptick in revenue for Supply@ME by year’s end, described as exponential growth.

Said the shift maker, in part,”we’ve restricted incremental costs to be incurred,”… the prediction is an important increase in earnings as all indicators point to”a strong level of profitability for the business in the full-year ending March 2021 (the takeover dating back to March 2020), with exponential growth in the coming years.”

According to a delivery schedule, requirements, and current inventory earnings and notes issued, Supply@ME will incur a considerable uptick in earnings from the last quarter of 2020.

Successful delivery of in house supplies in addition to the continuous performance on the LSE, should bring more corporate customers also. A positive indicator of growth in earnings during the next five decades.

Supply@Me – The Benefit to Businesses

Access to working capital is a continuing concern for businesses across a broad variety of industry sectors, but especially for those businesses which hold considerable amounts of inventory.

So as to market, the company should have inventory at the ready, but to be able to get that, money has to be allocated for buying stock, tying it up and leaving little access to liquidity. The stock vs. sales issue is a very real problem faced by many business owners.

The following is a list and days held version for various businesses and charted by Supply Chain Digest:

  • Speciality compound — 40 days
  • Diversified industrials — 42 times

So, as the figures indicate, a firm might have several months’ worth of earnings, sometimes a complete year, tied up in the stock. And, this does not contain any other capital encumbrances. Therefore, the requirement for this fintech alternative is high.

By partnering with Supply@Me and recording inventory on the fintech website, the technology enables businesses to lower their”stock days held” time period, and free up capital resources which may be used to enhance and build different areas of the business.

The customer company holds its stock and keeps a customer base. Supply@ME creates a”stock company’ to get a particular purpose usage. This”inventory” entity buys the stock; the client company retains the stock on the premises.

The purchase is financed by the dilemma of digitized securitization notes, now known as an asset-backed investment tool.

Investors purchase the securitization notes, get an interest payment, called a voucher in bond market language, and get their principal back when the stock is sold to its end customer.

The Inventory Platform — Transparency for both Customer and Funder

The Supply@ME robust technology provides an inventory tracking platform. It provides a special set of legal & electronic capabilities that readily facilitates the transfer of possession and the real time, transparent monitoring of the stock.

The platform enables a legally regulated, digitized certification of said physical stock. This certificate forms the foundation for the transfer of funds into the customer company and eliminates the need for the physical transport of stock or assumptions seizure of property as collateral — an updated fintech version of stock monetization.

The inventory is monitored based on an initial summary of customer inventory controls. With its state-of-the art monitoring technology, Supply@Me produces a permanent record of trades and an intuitive interface between the client company and the database.

For security and legal purposes, this enables Supply@ME to track the development of inventory as it moves toward a sale and determines computerized algorithmic causes for any breach of terms or declines. From the listing of stock to the monitoring and transfers, all of the transactions are tracked and transparent.

Dependent on the forecasting, current income statements, new ventures, demand, and present notes, Supply@ME is on track for a rocketing increase in 2021.

If Supply@ME is regarded as a pure service provider, and part ICT (information and communications technology) company, a part asset manager overseeing investments of stock on behalf of the funders, then there’s absolutely not any indicator of a slowdown when seeing the requirement for the service given by this fintech innovator.

These tables supplied by proactive research, outline their conclusion of the fiscal forecasts for Supply@ME Capital

The obvious evidence indicates that Supply@ME, is on course to realize considerable revenue growth at the end of its”first” year — March 2021.

Since the reverse takeover and subsequent expansion, Supply@ME is poised for rapid expansion and an uptick in earnings. Presently, Supply@Me is operating with $1.3b in stock holdings.

Some are likely to grow given its current winning trajectory and increased demand, as well as valuable expansion occurring in the Middle East and throughout Europe. All eyes at the fintech sector are on Supply@Me, and with good reason!

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