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All you need to know about Peppol Access Point

There’s a great thing about Peppol e-invoicing. But let’s recall back to the electronic invoice itself. It is a method of effective invoicing between the suppliers and buyers. In many cases, the suppliers will deliver the invoices in electronic format so that the customers will know how much they will pay and how they will pay the suppliers for services or products. The faster the invoices are sent to the customers and verified, the faster the suppliers will earn the money.

But e-invoicing has problems if there is no accurate standardization between the trading partners, leading to errors and disputes. Here is where Peppol comes in to fill the gaps. With the set of standards enforced by Peppol, both parties will be able to exchange information without any risks.

The Peppol invoices are delivered to the recipient in no time, much faster than the conventional paper invoices, which take days or weeks to arrive at the recipient’s address. It is highly possible to reduce the waiting time for the payment since the customers will be paying right after receiving the invoices.

It is more secure as well. The participants who send the documents through the Peppol network can rest assured that the information is encrypted. That means only the parties involved in the transactions can see the information inside the invoices. Of course, it is compliant with the regulations in any country.

The peppol invoices are more affordable as well. Imagine how much money we must spend every time we send paper invoices. We have to pay for some expenses like postage costs, paper, inks, delivery guys, logistics, and so on.

Since Peppol invoices come with abundant advantages, they have become the mandated thing in some countries. Whether or not your government mandates the country’s businesses to adopt the Peppol framework, the pre-participants will need to connect to a Peppol Access Point in order to use the Peppol Network.

What is a Peppol Access Point?

The Peppol Access Point is a certified AP provider that accommodates clients (businesses, organizations, etc.) on the Peppol network.

Galaxy GW has various services. But its main objective is to facilitate public and private entities’ connecting to the Peppol network so that they can exchange business documents internationally with the other Peppol network members as well.

In order to do this, Peppol Access Points will grant their customers the Peppol ID.

For example, if you utilize the Galaxy GW Peppol AP service, you will acquire a peppol ID, which serves as your company’s identifying number. Using this ID, you will be able to get access to the e-invoicing network, which we refer to as the Peppol Network.

The word used to describe the process of conducting peppol invoicing is that you must join the appropriate network. If you are not connected to the network, you will be unable to communicate information with your business partners in accordance with the Peppol set of requirements. In addition, it is critical to ensure that your trade partners have also implemented the Peppol framework in their ERP or accounting software, or that they have previously obtained a Peppol ID if they have not already done so.

Peppol ID explained

The Peppol ID is also solid proof that your company has joined the Peppol network.

It will be your unique ID in order to interact with the other users in a safe environment.

This identification consists of a unique number that allows users to access the e-invoicing network.

With the peppol network, clients will have peace of mind when delivering and receiving business documents with partners across the globe.

You can recognize your partner by their unique ID numbers. The same thing goes with your trading partner too. The series of unique digits really shows the real you.

When you send the invoices to your partner, there will be no risk of misunderstandings and disputes.

You can create your own Peppol ID with the help of Galaxy GW. Reach out to the representatives to help you out.

The ID number usually consists of the VAT number, the Commerce number, as well as a government ID number.

You can simply contact your trustworthy AP provider, Galaxy GW, to request your Peppol ID. The Galaxy GW staff will then ask you to add the necessary information.

Don’t worry. Your company’s information will be safely stored by Galaxy GW. You don’t need to worry if it is visible to an outside party since it is safely stored in the company’s database…

Sending documents with the Peppol AP Provider

With the help of the access point provider, you can send e-invoices to the recipient who is also in the peppol network.

If it is the first time for you, your peppol access point provider will give you the exact manuals that you can follow. You will need to create the UBL invoices through your existing ERP system. Keep in mind that the file must be UBL invoices, not a classic PDF.

With the most recent ERP software, it should be easy to create e-invoices.

But you don’t need to worry if your software can’t create the e-invoices. The Galaxy GW can help you convert the invoice data.

To be able to send the e-invoices to your recipient partner across the globe, you will need to have a Peppol ID. The access point provider will ask you to send information about your company so that they can generate the official Peppol ID for you.

The process of ID creation should take around one day.

You will choose the connection between your software and the access point. That can be done by SFTP, API link, or SPF.

For those who think it is too technical, Galaxy GW will provide you with the guidelines that you can follow so that you will not be missing all of the steps that you need to take.

Connect to the Galaxy GW Peppol Access POint provider.By then, you will be able to participate in the global market where you can interact with different parties from other countries.

You can reach out to Peppol users worldwide, easing the expansion of your business.

You can find more information on the official Galaxy GW page.

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