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B2B SaaS Outsourcing

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As you probably already know, selling software as a service or SaaS is not easy. Often, the companies you’re pitching already have a system in place, so not only do you have to convince them to buy your product, but you first have to convince them to leave their old product. Plus, SaaS is a fairly crowded field, so there’s lots of competition and before your salespeople can sell your product, they have to know everything there is about it, which can get pretty complicated. For these reasons and more, it can be an advantage to outsource sales for your SaaS product

Scale More Quickly

With SaaS sales, you will either have more than you can handle with your internal team or you need to generate more because you need to grow your business. By partnering with a B2B SaaS outsourcing team, you’ll create a sales strategy that’s perfectly aligned to your needs. You’ll never get a one-size-fits-all sales strategy because outsourcing companies understand that no two businesses are exactly alike. After all, this is what you would get with an in-house team, so why should outsourcing be any different?

Your outsourcing sales partner will also have all the tools and data you need to ensure your sales strategy is working at a high level. With an in-house sales team, you might not know the tools you need or how to assess those needs, but with an outsourcing company, you will have access to detailed data that will show you what tools and strategies will be effective in meeting your goals. Your partner will already know how to read and interpret the data so you can grow your sales quickly.

Experienced Sales Personnel

When you’re just starting out with an SaaS company, it can be challenging to pay a fully-staffed sales team. This is because talented salespeople know what they’re worth and they will either use your company as a stepping stone to another company that pays more or they won’t take low-paying positions at all. As such, you may be stuck without a qualified staff or one that has a high amount of turnover.

When you hire a B2B SaaS outsourced sales team, you’re getting well-compensated, highly experienced salespeople who know how to sell software as a service. The best news is, you’re not paying their full salaries because they will be working for your company and others. So, you can get the experience and consistency of an in-house staff at a fraction of the price.

Save Time For Your In-House Sales Department

While you might have the staff available to close deals, you may not have the staff or time available to nurture leads for as long as it can take within the SaaS field. Many SaaS products are extremely complex and it can take as long as seven months to convert a lead to a sale, and the average time to close is four months. You need to use your time more efficiently, especially if you’re a startup. Partnering with an outsourcing company allows you to just outsource the lead generation and nurturing components of a sales cycle, keeping conversion in house.

When you’re only getting qualified hot leads from an outsourcing partner, you can devote your time to what your employees do well. If you have closing specialists, you can use them to focus on what they do best instead of trying to generate and nurture leads. Since this is often the longest part of the sales cycle for SaaS companies, outsourcing these tasks only makes good sense.

Demonstrate Value for Customers

As with saving time for your in-house sales department, outsourcing at least a part of your sales pipeline allows you to focus on demonstrating the value of your SaaS product to your customers. When you don’t have to worry about generating leads, you can take more time showing your potential customers how their business will be better because of your product. As you know, customers are extremely focused on ROI when it comes to implementing a new software product. You need to be able to demonstrate how your product can deliver a robust ROI, but sometimes, this takes a lot of time.

An outsourcing partner is better positioned to ensure your customers know the value of your product to their business and can visualize their ROI once they implement it. They will ensure each customer’s concerns are adequately and quickly addressed so that any issues that arise can be taken care of while still keeping the lead on their path toward purchase. Sometimes, if you’re trying to manage your leads yourself, these problems can fall through the cracks, causing you to lose sales.


Whether you’re considering outsourcing your entire SaaS sales process or just a part of it, there are clear advantages to bringing in an outside company with experienced sales personnel, especially if you’re a new company or one that wants to scale quickly. Not only will you save money and time, but you’ll also ensure your leads get the attention they need to feel comfortable converting to customers.

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