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How can I increase my hotel sales

Hotels are always looking for ways to keep their business alive throughout the year. Majority of hotel owners invest a lot in their premises with the goal of making it as attractive as possible to potential clients. However, increasing hotel sales is not as easy as it sounds with many failing in the venture and some premises closing down altogether. However, hotel owners need not to despair as there are many ways through which they can market their hotels resulting in better sales.

Top 8 tips for growing hotel sales

When hoteliers are involved in the day to day running of the business, finding ways to increase sales may be a bit overwhelming. However, with the right strategies, you can succeed in attracting the right clientele and boosting your sales. Some of the ways to increase revenue for your hotel premises are listed below.

1     Define your ideal guest

It is crucial for hoteliers to have an idea of the guest they want to book a room or visit their hotel. When defining your ideal guest persona it is important to consider their taste, their needs any other value addition they want to make their stay pleasant. In most cases, defining your target market will help you focus on coming up with marketing strategies that will appeal to them resulting in increased bookings.

2     Have a marketing plan

Marketing a hotel can only succeed when they are well-defined steps towards a particular goal. A marketing plan provides guidelines on the best ways to reach out to potential clients resulting in new bookings and increased brand awareness. At first, the plan can be a simple document which can be built upon over time as you study the responses to the marketing strategies put forth. Marketing plans are expected to be flexible so that changes can be made in response to the feedback provided. Additionally, if you are unable to come up with a marketing plan, consider hiring a professional to help you out at an agreed cost.

3     Set up an interactive website

The digital space has become a resource for companies and individuals looking to book hotels. It is therefore crucial that your hotel has an online presence and relevant content to attract your ideal clients. Choose a website design that will resonate with guests and include a gallery that showcases the best photos of your hotel. Video clips are also a great addition on the website as they offer various angles of the hotel and in some cases testimonials from former guests. Ensure that the website is interactive and can be accessed using a personal computer and other handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets that are regularly used to access the internet.

4     Invest in proper branding

To stay ahead of the pack and see growth in sales, it is advisable to invest in branding for your hotel. The power in proper branding cannot be underestimated especially if it is rooted in consumer insights. It is important to have a central theme in your branding to make it easier for your customers to identify with it and make it memorable for them.  Ensure that the brand transcends all aspects of the hotel including marketing material to enable clients to connect with it whenever they see it. Additionally, rebranding is advisable if you are looking to change direction or target a new clientele for the hotel so that you can earn more revenue.

5     Offer regular training for staff

The staff are the face of the hotel and should make guests feel welcome right from the entrance to the rooms and other activities they will be involved in. It is therefore important to train them on the best way to handle guests so that they feel welcome and appreciated. Customer service plays an important role in increasing sales of a hotel as many guests refer their friends and also leave positive reviews on sites like hotels guide Apart from training staff, ensure that they receive good remuneration so that they are motivated to serve guests with a lot of passion.

6     Focus on offering value

Customer satisfaction is paramount for a hotel that wants to see growth in the number of guests and revenue. The best way to ensure sales increase is by making certain that guests get the maximum value as expected. It is important to provide the service as promised when marketing the hotel and in some cases even exceed it for the benefit of guests. Always focus on maintaining high standards at the hotel both in the high and low seasons so that guests know what to expect all year round. Additionally, it is important to have regular surveys on the guest experience to enable you to make changes to the service offering for the benefit of guests.

7     Provide personalized service

Most guests visit hotels to enjoy a home away from home experience and are always happy when they get a service that meets their needs. Learning about your target audience and offering packages that are customized is always a plus. Whenever your guest feel well catered for, they will willingly leave positive reviews and readily encourage others to visit leading to increased sales. In some cases, a simple action such as upgrading a guest or adding a massage session at a discount can go a long way in making them feel special.

8     Use social media marketing

Social media has become part and parcel of life globally with many hotels using it as a platform to connect with their past and soon-to-be guests. Fortunately, there are many social media platforms that hoteliers can use to promote their facilities and sell their various offerings to the target audience. To succeed in social media marketing, it is essential to post information regularly and engage with customer comments. Additionally, having a dedicated social media professional for the hotel can make these platforms a great place to book clients and increase revenue.

Overall, every hotel has one goal which is to grow revenue and have more bookings. Putting the needs of your guests first and offering them great value will have positive returns now and in the future.

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