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Brandnic showcase the benefits of choosing the right brandable domain name

Most businesses have a web presence now, and there are a lot of advantages to getting online and selling products to a wider audience than you might reach with your day to day footfall. Most business owners know that it is vital to have that solid online presence and that being reachable in the search engines and on social media is a must. But what many struggle with is finding a domain name that contributes to their online presence.

Let’s take a look at what makes a good brandable domains, and what makes a bad one. In general, it’s clear that a good domain name is one that:

1 – Makes it clear, at a glance, what it is that your business actually does.

2 – Is easy to read (hyphens in between words can help with that).

3 – Has an appropriate suffix, such as .com, .net. org, .biz or .info that reflects the type of business.

Some people believe that having a short domain name is better than having a long one. This is really a matter of opinion. If the long domain name is difficult to read then that is not a good thing. Shorter domains are easier to type and easier to remember. If the long domain name is really easy to remember and type, such as ‘don’t-miss-a-thing.com’ then that will help people to remember it, and could be much easier to remember than ‘myweirdbrandname.com’.

Long domain names are more descriptive and add clarity, and they set the tone for what the site is going to be about. You can use a sales message or a short video to introduce people to your brand once they land on your website. In the end, it all comes down to brand building – pick the right name that sets the context for your company.

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