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Tips for choosing Slatwall panel inserts for your shop

Typically, slatwall panels have been selected for shop displays because they make use of space. Each part of your shop’s interior is included within the cost and, as such, you want to seek the greatest return on this investment. This leads retailers to display and stock items on the walls, adopting slatwall displays. If you are not already using them or would like to learn other benefits to an already implemented design, then here are tips for you.

Slatwall panels are incredibly useful in reducing pressure on central displays that in turn allows for more relaxed and less crowded custom. By shifting items from central gondolas to versatile wall displays, you can increase the width of walkways, which may be useful during busier periods, such as Christmas. Items moved onto a slatwall display can also be displayed at a greater height than in the centre of the shop without any loss of vision for the customers. This may also be helpful to orientate customers by displaying a certain type of item on each wall for better store orientation. Small considerations like this greatly reduce the stress of shopping and lead to increased custom.

One of the best qualities of slatwall panels are their versatility. They are widely available in different colours and styles meaning they are sure to fit your store’s style. However, they are also not restricted to wall mounting. Despite the name, it is possible to mount the slats onto freestanding and manoeuvrable legs.Another good option is the Verti-Crete Walling system by Vetri-Crete Ireland, but this option may be more suited for external installations.

Whichever style of shelving or mount you go for, each is easily connected to the slatwall and provides great stability. No brackets are necessary and floating shelves can be quickly placed or removed depending on the circumstances you require. This adjustability is not only useful for retailers who deal with changing and rotating stock but it is essential. If your stock items change in size, then your shelving must accommodate, since any one size fits all option means that you will often be compromising on space. Changing displays also serve to keep the shop design fresh in the customers’ eyes, which is likely to improve spend per head.

This versatility extends to the inserts you choose. Alternatively, if you are concerned about the design of your slatwall then you may be interested in implementing slatwall inserts, which can change the standard design of the slatwall to fit your shop and colour scheme. There are other, different benefits depending on the variety of material you choose. If you opt for PVC inserts you can reduce any wobble your slatwall shelving might experience, while also increasing the grip strength and stability of each shelf. Or you could choose aluminium inserts that, in addition, have a much higher tolerance of weight, deterring the wood from warping, which may be better suited to your items depending on your stock and store design. To further conceal any exposed element of a slatwall, there are also options for joining strips and edging strips. As well as their appeal in tidiness, they also improve the safety of a store by covering harsh edges.

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