Building a multi utility business


Introduction If you look in the dictionary for the word ‘utility’ you will find the following: “the quality of practical use, usefulness: a public service such as the bus system.” These definitions help us to arrive at a picture of what utilities are. Utilities are services which are of practical use to the community at large in this country including businesses, other organisations and individuals. More specifically the term is used today to include public services which supply water, sewerage, electricity, gas, telecommunications and waste disposal. All of us make use of these utilities every day – when we have a bath or a drink of water, speak on the phone to a friend, boil water for a cup of tea or coffee, turn on the light and so on. Without these utilities life would be very basic, but we all want to get the best possible service and value for money from these utilities. This case focuses on outlining ways in which ScottishPower has increased the benefits to consumers through utility provision. Private sector/public sector The private sector of the economy is made up of firms and other organisations which are owned by shareholders, individuals and partners, all of…

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