Speaking at the Clean Energy Ministerial meeting in London Prime Minister David Cameron has said that renewables can be one of the cheapest forms of energy within years. However, they need to become economically self-sustaining, truly global, and must receive continued research support. (BBC, 26th April 2012)

Mr Cameron announced a new initiative provisionally called Norstec, which aims to create a ‘second energy revolution’ in the North Sea, based on offshore wind and possibly carbon capture and storage.

Among other initiatives announced at CEM are a global competition for energy efficient products, a project to bring modern lighting to two million people in India, and a global database recording the energy efficiency of various products.

A focus on sustainable business is a core part of Tata Steel’s vision to balance the business’ need for profitability against the needs of the environment and the communities in which it operates.

Investment in new technology and working practices is enabling Tata Steel to have a significant positive effect on long-term sustainability by promoting the recycling qualities of steel.  Its commitment to ethical behaviour is also prominent in its approach to improving its impact on the environment by developing new technologies to reduce carbon emissions.

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