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Business intelligence trends for 2018

When looking at the unprecedented change in the culture of bossiness it is not a suspire that the business that encourages change have an added advantage over the ones that don’t. Breakthroughs in business culture and technologies are not happening occasionally but almost very often in the 21st century.

It is hard to predict exactly what kind of culture or technology will lift-off and will become the next “big thing”. Since improvements in various sectors of technology are happening it is becoming hard to make the right guess. Some of the assumptions based on the future of business intelligence are made below:

The impact of AI on BI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seems to be the primary focus of several conglomerates – Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and the list simply goes on. From this, it is understood that AI has a lot of untapped potentials and has more to offer than its current capabilities. Various software powered by AI is being released in the market every day.

What is in demand is AI which can fuse with the data and deliver results based on the need. In most of the businesses that deals with large amounts of data have a necessity for the employees to deal with multiple databases and records. This can be reduced considerably with the help of an AI. Using AI, the data that is exactly required can be extracted. Also, AI can perform tasks better and faster. When it comes to the prediction and forecasting, the aid of AI is great – insists Vegas Mobile Casino that uses latest technologies in its online roulette and other online casino games to deliver a great casino experience. Chatbots are also helping business to provide quick customer service.

Eliminating the silos

Silos in business can relate to working of a department within itself. In other words, the works and knowledge of a department are confined to itself. This causes a great stagnation of the development of the company. One of the main effects of silos in not sharing of data. Information gained by one unit of the company can open remarkable insights by another unit of the company and therefore care should be always taken to break down the silos.

Silo mentality will decrease the productivity and it is considered as one of the main problems in many companies, including the renowned ones. Organisations need to have a deep understating of the origin of silos as it usually comes from top to bottom. It is also tied to the culture of the company and the mindset of the employees.

Making use of cloud technology

Most of the businesses that have a digital presence are considering the cloud technology and are on the verge of implementing it. Switching to cloud technology can eliminate the need for maintenance and renewing their hardware from time to time. Also, implementing a multi-cloud method, selecting and using the cloud service based on the requirements can be affecting than using the same provider for all the tasks.

Another important addition to the list is Chief Data Officer (CDO), this role has sprouted up lately due to the increase in the data security management and breach. A business which does not adapt itself in accordance with the rapid improvement in the technology will lose its edge over the business that does.

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